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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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I have severe ptsd. My psychiatrist suggested drinking and can't prescribe any thing else strong enough, but thats obviously out of the question. what do you suggest?

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6 breaths per minute until it goes away. Start early. Stretch the inhales and exhales over full lung capacity. Great helps are punctual prayers and eating well.

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On 3/31/2020 at 6:58 PM, musa shakr said:

I have severe ptsd. My psychiatrist suggested drinking and can't prescribe any thing else strong enough, but thats obviously out of the question. what do you suggest?

I do recommend taking walks in luscious parks with lots of greenery.

Writing poetry, preferably words from your heart and not from your intellect.

The intellect may jump to attack you.

I hope something in here helps you.

Jazak Allah Khair,

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The introduction of relaxation drinks:


This herb reduces anger, anxiety, and insomnia, and it should be brewed and drink with tea before bedtime.

Mountain Tea: A calming and suitable beverage for relieving fatigue and antidepressant

A mountain tea that is also called توکلیجه, is a dark of the aromatic plants and relaxing the nerves.

The flower of this plant, which is a spike of reddish-colored pink flowers, is located among the red light green and silver in the Azerbaijani language it is called توکلیجه or shaggy.

Properties and consumption of mountain tea

Mountain tea is a potent tonic (booster) for the nerves.

It is a fun, uplifting and joyful plant with analgesic properties, especially joint pains, romaltisi, headaches, dizziness and nerve pain. The consumption of mountain tea makes mental fatigue and can be used to relieve fatigue and impatience in depressed people because of its energy and vitality. In addition to the mountain tea, it is appetizing and a mild diuretic. It is also used in regulating digestive actions and liver boosters, especially helping to digest food. Mountain tea in the treatment of stomach and intestinal diseases with psychological origin and diseases of diarrhea with neurological stimulation, plays an effective and sedative role.

معرفی نوشیدنی های جادویی آرامش بخش

Usage and method

Pour a spoonful of teaspoonful tea into a glass of boiling water and stir with good spoon. Cover it with a saucer and let it stay for 20 minutes. Then flatten it and get back with a red sugar.

This tea is a tasty, yummy and well-glued drink that brings you lost energy in the cold nights of autumn and winter, after one day of work and effort, by creating relaxation andrefreshment of boredom.

Nervous system calming

Spearmint is a herbaceous plant with blue flowers that have a wild variety of it to be found in nature.

The consumption of this plant has been dating several thousand years old and the oldest therapeutic version of this plant is in the temple of the hieroglyphics of the Ancient Egypt, which has been the most popular version and orders of the old Egyptian line and is used for the treatment of various types and perfumery which is disrespecting in religious ceremonies.

Mint Properties

The highest properties in the herbal medicine group have been convulsions as anti-neural and stimulant-stimulating for mint. Modern herbal medicine has also confirmed the properties that have been attributed to mint in the past and emphasized that it is used as tonic and tonic for stomach, anti-seizure, carminative and anti-diarrhea.

Mint can take toxins from the body, open the smoothness to the blood, and these are all of the antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of this plant.

Mint is a potent incentive that has a logo effect on the nervous system. In addition, mint tail is recommended for those who suffer from jitteriness, corrosion of the sympathetic system, epilepsy, hiccups, nervous vomit, fatigue, and public casts.


Mint tea can be consumed 2 to 3 times a day. For the preparation of this tea, each time a fresh punch or a spoonful of teaspoonful filled with powdered dried mint leaves in a glass of boiling water and tail, and the tea for 10 minutes is a smooth desire. It can also be used to dampen the bitter taste of fresh lime juice where a little honey is mixed!


The result of the university researchers in Tokyo showed that drinking a half-liter daily of cherry juice increases the quality of night sleep and reduces the stress and nerve pressure.

معرفی نوشیدنی های جادویی آرامش بخش

Tea, Black

The result of the study of British scientists in 2007 ad showed that drinking black tea during the six weeks reduced the amount of cortisol and stress in men.

Oregano Tea: Calming kinesiology headaches

Oregano is one of the fragrant plants of the family that mounts as mint, in addition to oral consumption, medicinal application. This plant is a potent antibiotic and has an effective role in the treatment of respiratory tract disorders.

معرفی نوشیدنی های جادویی آرامش بخش

Oregano Properties

Anti-toxin, analgesic, anti-nausea, antidiarrhea, and pain relief caused by poisoning. The consumption of oregano tea in the headaches caused by colds, especially sinusitis, has a calming effect.

How to use and prepare oregano tea

To relieve headaches and other discomforts, it is possible to consume 4, 3 cups of oregano tea daily. For each cup, the amount of 1 tablespoon of the powder is poured from the leaves of this plant in boiling water, tail for 15 minutes, then whipped with a little candy or red sugar.


Milk contains a substance called serotonin that enhances moods and calms the mood. In addition, calcium and magnesium in this beverage helps to lower blood pressure. Drinking warm milk is a sedative.

Laurel Tea

The tree laurel is at a height of 206 meters, which sometimes reaches its height with 10 m2. Its flowers are clustered and greenish-yellow.

Laurel Properties

This plant has dark green leaves and is very fragrant, which in addition to food consumption, has medicinal application in the treatment of anorexia, angina, bronchitis, rheumatic pains, stomach pain, women's menstrual adjustment and painless childbirth.

Smell is also an effective drug in the treatment of neurological disorders and the relief of headaches, especially migraine headaches.

Usage and use of laurel Tea

To prepare roasted tea, you can brew 5 g of roasted leaves for 15 minutes in boiling water and drink daily after each meal with honey.

Fresh vegetable Juice

Daily drinking is a cup of vegetable juice – celery, kale and spinach – which contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, in addition to lowering blood pressure, reduces the secretion of stress hormones and helps to calm the body .




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Soo.. if we're going to get into this...



By the way, I would stay well away from a self proclaimed doctor who suggests neurotoxins like alcohol

Psychiatry in the west, especially America is definitely based on mind control and subjugation, often incarcerating people to deplete their health insurance funds

In Saudi, when I was visiting my brother in the ward (this was an American hospital in Saudi btw) most of the people diagnosed with issues were Shia Muslims.

My point is, PTSD is merely a reaction to colonialism, even when observed in the colonizers (like Vietnam or Iraq vets).

My "psychiatrist" here in America suggested I take PTSD meds based on a five minute discussion in which he found out I witnessed several terrorist attacks.

Some of the criteria they use like a hyperactive fight or flight response is actually beneficial in most of the world, so really, how do we know the psychiatrist isn't the one in a bubble, since he wouldn't be able to maintain these skills in, say, Afghanistan?

You need to rise beyond the drugs brother. And I'm not suggesting praying it away. Find a way to transfer that energy. There are better ways. Psychotherapy. Stay away from neuroleptics!

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