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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

An Introduction to Shia Islam - Paperback and eBook

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The book is 440p long but covers many gems and stimulates many reflections and deeper insights. I particularly enjoyed how historic contexts of the Masumin(A) are explained in a timeless and contemporary fashion. It's not like I'm reading history, but rather a living model of how I can be.

Example of such a passage, under the chapter dedicated to the biography of Fatima Zahra(A):


”There is a lot to be learnt from Fatima Zahra(A) and her stance in various contexts. One of her key stances was in relation to the event of Saqifa after the Prophets (S) departure and her role in defending Imam Ali’s(A) right. By way of not renouncing anything in the fight for haqq (right and truth), Fatima Zahra(A) was not only a shining example but also lit the path for all followers of haqq in all times. She demonstrated the importance and value of standing up for justice, and that it is worth all difficulties that come with it; even to stake your life to the cause if must, which she did.
Accordingly, Fatima Zahra’s (A) stance and position is a guide that prepares us for the final Imam(AJ). She displayed how to stand up for your Imam, no matter what difficulties you face.
It is important to note that Fatima Zahra’s (A) stance for Imam Ali(A) was as that of a companion. Fatima Zahra(A) viewed Imam Ali(A) as her Imam and leader. Consequently, she saw the support for the Imam(A) as the fulfilment of the Prophet’s(S) proclamation of God’s will. The Prophet(S) had said that “the truth is with Ali and Ali is with the truth”, and it was this truth that Fatima Zahra(A) had in view. Therefore, when Fatima Zahra(A) saw Imam Ali(A) stand-alone while the Islamic leadership was seized, it was her duty as a believer and a human being, not to merely witness oppression in silence, like many tend to do.
A leader without followers is like a leader with a severed hand and to rise up without support is like flying without wings, and it is not adequate for a leader to assert his right by himself. Support is a premise for a leader and an Imam. The Prophet(S) has said the following in this regard, “an Imam is like the Ka’ba, people ought to seek themselves to it, it ought not to seek itself to people”.
In actuality, it was not merely the case that Islamic leadership was the Imam’s(A) right, but the Imam(A) was right for it, and humanity’s right was to grow under the guidance of the Imam(A).”

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I'll have to admit that the content and the rhetoric used in this book is remarkably unique. It first starts out with man's inner fitri need to find himself, asking himself three very basic yet deep questions: Who am? What am I doing here? Where am I headed? 

This pushes man's intrinsic curiosity to explore the beginning of the vast ocean of tawhid, within himself. In my opinion, this part is essential to understand all that is followed after, whether it be the notions of aqaed or all the historic events that took place during the time of the Imams(A). 

My favorite part is the analysis of the historic events; how each event is studied from a multitude of angles. It teaches readers to how to see the events from all kinds of perspective. Moreover, it also serves as a great methodology to quickly analyse event that may occur during our daily life and re-calibrate our sight to that which pleases God.

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thanks for the tip! I really love the intro!! :love:


Whence have I come from?
Whatfore have I come?
Where am I to go?
Show me my home 
Sheikh Bahai
- Philosopher, mathematician, architect, poet, political scientist, adviser, astronomer, scholar, mystic

it's rather mindblowing, I'm first chapter in and blasted with many questions in the chapter that reminds me of many of my questions when I was much younger, but left unanswered. 

a powerful quote from the first chapter:


Man – an unlimited soul in a limited world
Why even when you have fulfilled your wishes do your excitement not last, and you do not feel lasting peace? Why is it that you can have everything, or in a moment achieve one of your goals, to then feel empty the next and then keep seeking? What can explain that even once you have reached the peak of your success, which you have strived for many years, you are still left unsatisfied? And the real question: what is it that constantly drives the human being to seek for more and get tired of monotony, even in the adequate existence? Why is it that the human being is never satisfied?

I highly recommend everyone to grab it while its free, you can tell very fast that this is a very comprehensive and much needed book!!

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Thank you very much for the recommendation! 
I downloaded it and a few pages in I already felt like I'm going to like this book very much.
@layla313 , I felt the exact same way as you with the questions the book begins with. And kept staring at the poem it starts with by Sheikh Bahai, a simple and powerful phrasing of the meaning of my existence and why I should read this book. 
What part are you up to now? :)

I'm into the second chapter, and appreciate how complex questions (that can be answered in a book in-itself) are dealt with in a concise logical manner and how they are broken up into sub-sections and questions. Makes me more interested to keep reading, much needed for a person like me where my focus can easily be distracted (a) 

Recommend people to download it asap! 

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On 3/31/2020 at 4:53 AM, Ehsan said:

Get it on Amazon! The free promotion campaign ends on Saturday!! 

Salam. I missed the free book! Story of my life. LOL  The Kindle book is now $3.99, which is 73% off the paperback price.   

FYI: If you have Kindle Unlimited, the book is still free. :cool: 

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