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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

I am addicted to everything Haram. I can't find my way back to the deen.

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There are many things you can do to bring about a change in your life.

The first thing is that you MUST be determined.

If you are determined, God will show you the way.

 I would also like to suggest two things -

  • read a little of the Qur'an every day and
  • spend a few minutes turning to God in your mind and expressing your remorse.

These might help. 

Best Wishes

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It is very tragic that we don’t have the books to address the issues after puberty to the children and to teach them what to do. Here are some things which I think you should do:

1.I think you might be in between 20s to 30s, masturbation is a highly disgusting act. It also brings laziness, lethargy and disappointment. Its therefore adviced that find some activities and do not leave your brain alone. Read books, play outdoor games or learn some skill in free time. If it's possible, get married because in initial puberty years this is urge is like a monster as observed from all cases. But if you cannot then find activities for you and remember that Allah says: "If you be patient, then it's good for you", and know that the right of your body upon you, is not to destroy it but protect it. If you cannot control your body and protect it, you won't be able to protect your dear ones.

2. You can control your eyes by saying to your heart that its haram for my eyes to think bad about children of Prophet Adam (عليه السلام). And, remember that what you watch may be a mother of a child or future mother of human or sister of a brother. Remind yourself that what if a child or brother see you looking at a woman with bad eyes and what image will it make of you in that child's or brother's eyes.

3. Be leader of your wishes rather than being their slave. They humiliate if you be their slave.

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Allah is merciful and so don’t be in despair because despair is also a major sin. 

Allah forgives even if your sins are filled up to the sky. 

My advice is to make ghusl(holy bath)  and then repent by prayer and supplication. And try to refrain from repeating your sins. It’s important to stay away from committing bad deeds as much as it is to perform good deeds. 

This is the month of Rajab which is a sacred month and fasting is highly recommended by our holy Imams. Try to fast some this month if you can. Fasting during this month stops the anger of Allah. 

Recite more Qur'an to heal and replace bad deeds with good deeds. For yourself try to recite ayatul Kursi and  Surah Yusef everyday. Surah Yusef is especially good for getting rid of illicit sexual desires.  

Shaitan is getting close to you because your guards are all down. Keeping wudu, Performing Salaat, and reciting Qur'an is your shield and armor. You have to feed your soul the right food. 

Try giving sadaqah, even a call to your mother and saying good things is good for wiping out sins. Always seek Allah’s Jannah and don’t seek the hellfire. 

May Allah make you stronger. 

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Guest Muslim Akhi

Assalamu Alaikum brother/sister 

I don't about all but most of us have been through something like this. 

I am 17 and I have been through similar kind (like masturbation) 

but one thing I didn't leave was my salah. 

Yes, sometimes it gets hard to leave bad habits but pray to Allah for positivity and do it yourself 

Remember, it's your life .No one will be affected but you so move on do the right thing for Alhamdullilah u know what I right and what is wrong and because u know that ur actions are wrong, u feel ashamed . 

Read little bit for daily Qur'an 

for ur help .. follow the reciters on YouTube which are emotional with English subtitles if u don't understand Arabic 

just little bit everyday and just make that ur point and reflect a lot on the Qur'an and in ur actions 

just quietly sit down and think ''Why am I doing what I am doing when I know it's wrong and when I know what right '' so just get up and do the right thing 'just do it'

and try pray at least one time so u be in touch with prayer ( I am not saying to pray less than five but what I mean is keep in touch )

if duhar goes ...try pray asr or maghrib 

just keep doing 

and above all make good friends 

and read about the sahaba .. how they were and their piety ....it will influence you positively 

remover the Hadith 

about the killer of 99 people 

he was told that he would be forgiven be a better man if he left that place and went to a new place and restart his life again 

hence, make new friends , new groups , don't hang out with the old and put ur phone on restriction mode.

as u said u can't lower ur gaze 

brother... we Muslims follow instructions but we need to understand it also at sane time to make it more efficient and Allah knows the best 

Allah told us in the Qur'an to reflect .. why ?? To have a greater understanding 

how could u look at someone's daughter, someone's beloved child with indecency ??

think this to ur ownself ...

understand the Qur'an and Shariah 

and brother....don't curse yourself remember ..  your Rabb is more merciful than ur own parents 

He said that he'll forgive if u repent sincerely ...in Surah Zumar 

The Qur'an came to purify us ... we were in utter darkness until the Qur'an enlightened us 

hold on to Qur'an my brother and May Allah guide to the Truth 

read up about Sunni also 

I have read about Christianity too 

believe me , the truth will be exposed 

you will realise how wrong were ur pratices and of the people also 

read Islam ur self with critical analysis 

don't just believe in what people say 

if they say ...then it must be from Qur'an and authentic ahadith 

may Allah subhan wa Ta'la guide you and me and grant us all piety and Jannatul Firdaus 


Asslamu Alaikum 

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I want to contribute to the part of taking control. You feel like you can’t help but sin and that you can’t go back to the normal life. Two famous Arabic word is Islam that we repeat at least dozens of time during the day is Allahu Akbar/الله اكبر. People translate it to Allah is the Greatest however I once did tasbih through an app on my phone and I saw that they translated it to Allah is greater (than being described). This changed my view of the word Allahu Akbar and I use it now to overcome difficult tasks. Whenever you feel hopeless or whenever you feel like you can’t do something because you’re too weak. Just repeatedly say Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater. See it like “This task is great and difficult, but Allah is greater”. With the will of Allah you can accomplish everything. In duaa Al Jumaa we describe Allah with

“The All-knowing Who forgets not him who remembers Him, decreases not him who thanks Him, disappoints not him who supplicates Him and cuts not off the hope of him who hopes in Him!”

Remember Allah, thank Allah, supplicate Allah and have hope in Allah. The rest will be in his hands. 

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Allah guides whom ever he wish, but if you take a small step towards him, he will take at big step towards you. So start with small steps. Pray to Allah that Shaitan will not lead you astray and pray forgiveness for your sins. The intention is important. If you secretly don't want to give up sinning it doesn't work. Then little by little try to change your bad habits. If you really believe in Allah he will not make it more difficult for you than you can manage.

Not so long ago I was struggling with religion my self. I told Allah that I wanted to give up religion. I would not stop believing in him. I would not become an atheist, but I would stop praying and only occupy my self with how I could have a good life for my self in the dunya. That following night Allah spoke to me in a dream and said: "don't you dare give up on your religion!" and then I saw that my feet was on fire and I felt a pain worse than I had ever felt. I was immediately aware that this was the flames of hell fire that Allah showed me for just a brief moment. I woke up just after that still feeling the pain in my feet. I was flabbergasted. Had Allah just threatened me with hellfire in a very direct way? Hell fire had always seamed distant to me like an academic abstraction. So I was surprised to feel it so directly. Of cause I understood that Allah did not want to hurt me, but gave me this warning because he really don't want me or anybody else to go that place and if we end up there it is only because of our own actions. This changed my previous despair into determination to continue praying and practicing religion.

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10 hours ago, Sinful_Loser said:

I ask God to send curses upon me, I ask God to punish me and burn me in the hellfire, I ask God to kill me, I ask God to make me never wake up ever again

there is one of your primary problems.

stop being hopeless in God and asking for curses etc. otherwise Allah will leave you in your current state. That is because you are not believing in the Mercy of Allah and therefore this is tantamount to disbelief in Allah, I.e. kufr.

Regardless of what happens, you must have hope in Allah because there is no limit to what He can forgive, and once you accept that you will be overwhelmed with sincerity and remorse should you truly want to change.

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16 hours ago, Sinful_Loser said:

love Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and his Ahlul-Bayt (عليه السلام), but there is no way that I am following in their path... I can't even bring myself to crack open the Qur'an. I am hopeless, useless... please help me, please pra

Salam pray a two Rakat Namaz that at first Rakat recite Fatiha  & Ash Sarah (94) & 3 times Al Ikhlas (112) then in second Rakat recite Fatiha & Ash Shahr & Falaq (113) & Na’s (114) then after finishing your Namaz 30 times say La ilaha Illa Allah & 30 times Salawat that after doing it you will be sinless like recent born child from mother but repent from your previous sins & don’t repeat your sins also you can find more about prayers of month of Rajab in Mafatih al Jinan that available in 




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Wanting to change is the first step. Doing dua to change is another step. Keep taking steps. 

Imam Ali said the difference between a trail and punishment is if it takes you closer or further from Allah. 

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9 hours ago, Sinful_Loser said:

May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) reward all of you so much! I had a very successful happy day today, alhamdulillah. I hope to maintain this, inshallah.

Masha Allah

That is the spirit, brother.

Confidence and determination!

With God's mercy, you will be successful, insha Allah.

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On 2/25/2020 at 11:37 PM, Sinful_Loser said:

I am addicted to everything Haram. I can't find my way back to the deen. I don't know where to jump back in from... my belief in Tawhid has been corrupted through sins (through forgetting God). I feel lazy, apathetic, indifferent, and I don't know how to change. It feels like there is a constant stressful battle between good and evil going on within me, but evil easily wins every time. I barely know God anymore, I barely understand monotheism anymore. Thank God though that I still get furious when I hear something blasphemous being said... but then I think of what a hypocrite I am.


This is what is going on, just so you know:

You are worried, concerned, and guilty. This is your self-accusing soul (Nafs Al-Lawwamah). This aspect of your nafs is accusing a lower aspect of your nafs (namely, your Nafs-Ammara Bis-Su, your Compulsively Sinful Soul).  From what you describe, you keep transitioning between these two souls, it is like a vicious cycle.  You feel as if something is compelling you to do something evil, which is why you do the evil, then after doing the evil, you say “why the heck did I just do that!, what is wrong with me! I will never do this stupid and disgusting thing again”, and next thing you know, another desire compels you to do something evil.  And on goes this vicious cycle.  

All you have to do, is turn inwardly and observe this cycle (like you are observing a movie).  Yes, the desires seem to be real, the sadness seems to be real, but that’s fine, that’s alright!  Alhamdulillah (all praise still and will continue to belong to God! “I might be sinful, disgusting, wretched, mean, ugly, feeling like Sh**”, but Alhamdulillah for all that because God is still God! God is still Pure and Untouched, and He will remain independent and free from the imperfections of creation.  So, shift your attention from what you perceive of your individual self to the One who created you (who is Perfectly and Always Pure and Who is Always Present, Right Here and Right Now).  The idea you have of yourself as a miserable sinner who hates himself and who tries to work hard with himself (or the idea you have of yourself as a worshipful servant who is always on the right track!) is merely a character in the movie of His creation.  Just as one could get lost in the drama of a movie and forget that he or she is watching a movie, so also one can forget that this drama of life and death is only God’s creation and, as such, is not Ultimate Reality.  

Be interested in God’s Eternal Perfection of Power and Beauty, don’t be lost, drowned or consumed by the drama of this creation.  Your concern and worry about your life and fate is even lesser than a speck of dust in the Eyes of the Ultimately Real God Almighty.  Does it make sense to be consumed by, drowned in, and concerned with something that is even smaller than as a speck of dust?  The entire creation is a vanishing shadow and will be replaced by another creation.  Why be so concerned and involved in the drama and forget that this is just a created “movie”?  Why focus on the details of this speck of dust when you can enjoy being in the infinitely vast and beautiful sky that the speck is floating within (namely God’s Presence)?  

It is important that you get at least a glimpse of this understanding in order to initiate the transcendence of this vicious cycle that you appear to be in.  This one glimpse of the a truth will begin the process of liberation (inshallah).  

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To stuck in sins is like getting stuck in infinite loop we all go through this.. But we can break this loop if we are determined enough and always remembering that rahma of Allah and nazre karam of Maula sahebuzzaman is there to help us.. 

In this situations what I found mostly making good habits helps a lot

If you want to read Qur'an don't read it once a week a para.. Read a little bit everyday that will make you feel more happy and a good habit will be formed. 

Second is analysis, take a diary sit down write what all sins you do. Then think why you do it? What is the trigger that causes you to do this sin? If you find the trigger then think what all you can do to avoid this trigger. 

E. G if some one keeps watching haraam content online. 

1)why would anyone do it - pleasure 

2)what is the trigger? - 1)Excessive use of mobile device and Satan suddenly inculcates the thought to watch the haraam

  2)Using the devices late @night alone in a         room triggers this sin

3)how to avoid -1) make a firm intention that after so and so time I wont be using the phone

2)if being alone is the trigger I would sit with my family try avoiding being alone. 

So in this way you can find the root cause of your sins and you can plan to avoid them or atleast you can plan to do the kaffarah of the missed ibadah.. If you do this with determination I am sure you will feel more happy and spiritual. 

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