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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Advice on how to connect with God after your faith has diminished

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I have a good friend (Sunni) who doesn't pray. He's in his mid twenties. He's made 1 or 2 prayers in his entire adulthood probably. He was never religious. Over the years, he didn't know if he believed in God or not. He just never tried or put any effort into anything spiritual or religious. He's just living life & that's it.

Over the years I've always talked to him about God & spirituality & all that. I never gave up on him. I knew he could believe. I always worked on him & I never gave up. I've made so much dua for his guidance as well. He needs this guidance. His father was very religious but he passed away 3 or 4 years ago. His mom is Christian & he lives with her. But she doesn't impose any of her beliefs on him at all. She just lets him be. I'm basically his only Muslim influence. 

He's been going through a tough time in life lately. A very horrible break up with his girlfriend, he likes to drink, & I know he clearly needs some sort of something to help him be at ease & not have to resort to all this haram.

Eventually over the past 6 months or so, he finally started believing/admitting that there is a Creator. So that's definitely a step in the right direction. He's been super stressed lately & I advised him to go into sujood & say Subhana rabbi al Ala wa bi hamdeh 100 times. I got him to watch a video from a Shia scholar who advises on how to use spirituality & God to heal your stress/depression & so on. Hence why he said Subhana rabbi Al Ala wa bi hamdeh 100 times. He's also been making a lot of istighfar & so on.

He's hurting inside. I know he is. He's turning to God now finally, after all these long years. But I''m just hoping it isn't a one time thing & he gives up.

The reason I bring all this up is because I need advice on how to help guide him from this point on. I want for him to have the sweetness of faith that we get sometimes, & to have this God consciousness that we have. And to begin making God & Islam something that is firmly a part of his life.

He texted me saying 'I made sujuud, I said subhana rubbi Al Ala wa bi hamdeh 100 times... What's next'?

Help me help him. I'm not a Sheikh or nothing & I've always received a lot of my help from you guys. How do I help him? What should I advise him to do now?

He used to never do anything God/Islam related. He's finally doing it now after many long years. This is the first time in his entire adulthood that he has been this close to anything God/Islam related.

If someone asks him what his religion is, he always says "I grew up Muslim".  You guys see what I mean here?

He's finally feeling something. How can I help guide him from this point?

Your answers & guidance would be very much appreciated as I've made so much dua for him, & I'm finally seeing the dua come true so far.

Thank you guys.

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It is not your job to guide people.

This is the work of Allah.

All you can do is encourage what is good and warned against what is evil.

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Guest nah!Monad

all you are doing in taking advantage of the guy during his weak moments. Two types of humans come to a system. Either in weakness or due to rationality. Reason takes a life time, imitating comes easily to find a place to belong to. Just because you think parroting some Arabic words will have some magical benefits that does not make it true. What if one recited some buddist chants and that worked?. What do you think that would prove?. Conciously you assume you are bringing someone to God, subconciously you are doing it to save your self. This is what it means to convert others to whatever system we follow. To save overselves by the means of others. If you want to bring him towards God, first thing is to bring someone towards virtue. But then you would need to understand what virtue is and how virtue it self differs according to hierarchy.

The fact that he asked what next?. That proves he is searching for a quick fix, just like we are all taught to supplicate for quick fixes.

What he needs is some insight into what life is and how to deal with problems. Send him JP.

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Tell your friend to simply start talking to Him. Just have a conversation with Allah, maybe before he goes to bed. Maybe just talk about superficial things at first like how his day went. Don’t worry about sujood or reciting things a hundred times. Just open up the dialogue with Allah. Soon, he’ll start to reconnect. 

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