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In the Name of God بسم الله

Addicted to masturbation

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The good thing is that you realise that you are committing a sin.

With that realisation, it should be much easier for you to overcome your addiction.

Now imagine you were on a flight that crashed, causing you to lose your vision, both your legs, and both your hands.

However, you live in a very poor country where the heath care system cannot help you in any way.

So you have great difficulty eating, drinking, going to bed, coming out of bed and doing your chores.

But in reality, this was just a thought.

It could happen to you but it has not happened.

And it is because of God's infinite mercy that it hasn't happened to you.. 

So there is a lot that you should be thankful to God for.

And because you owe him such a lot of gratitude, the least you should do is to avoid things that He wants you to avoid.

Do you agree with me thus far?

Well if you do, it shouldn't be so difficult for you to think that life could have been much worse for you than what it is.

In other words, you owe God a massive amount of gratitude.

So how about trying to put in a little effort in avoiding something that He wants you to stay away from?

It is all a matter of thinking, brother.

You need to channel your thoughts to do as you would when you are beholden to someone.

I believe you do that already although you may not have taken particular notice of it.

For example, when your mother makes some really delicious food for you, don't you feel grateful?

And then, if your mother is sick and you have to choose between watching your favourite show on TV and going to the pharmacy on foot to get her some medication, wouldn't you choose the latter?

I am sure you would.


Because you owe your mother some gratitude.

That is all there is, my friend.

it is a question of pondering over how do you respond to kindness and compassion which you (and all of us) are getting in massive quantities from God.

If you take something from someone, you also want to give something back in return. Don't you?

That is it.

We are all taking such a lot from God and so we must pause to think what we can give back to Him.

Since He does not need our worldly goods, the only thing we can give back to Him is a little more obedience.

I am sure that makes sense.

And I hope it helps.

Best Wishes. 

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Wear winter gloves, for a year.

No porn.

Never have your hands go below your belly button, for year. 

No porn.

Never let yourself be alone longer then 30 seconds,  for year  .

No porn.

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since I was 8

Wow, first time I'm meeting someone who started younger than me lol.... 

to be honest no one can really give you advice that helps unless they understand your situation and they know how to overcome it...

(so basically someone who has struggled with the issue themselves and have actually overcome it)

In a few days I'll be making a thread which should be help for a lot of males, so you'll want to be looking out for that... 

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Guest Pikachuu

Try fasting for a few days, In sya Allah you will stop. 

Fasting helps to control nafs, evil desires ect.. I understand its hard not to masturbate since its has become an addiction but addictions are due from not getting to control your nafs anymore.. So try fasting, good luck, may Allah help and bless uu:cuddle:

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Hello guys, I have been addicted to this sin since I was 8. I have tried to stop, but everytime I fail. have some of you solve this problem? Or having tips to stop?

If possible, get married (temporary or permanently) as soon as possible. Your body has a natural need. But it seems in your case the demand for it has become pathological. You need to address the demand. Seek a legal way to do so. 

Meanwhile, distract yourself when the urge appears. Fast regularly. Go to the gym. Go out with your friends. Go read a book in public places. Stay away from the locations, where you usually masturbate. 

All that being said, it'll be very hard. (Assuming you're really addicted). Do not be too hard on yourself. Have the sincere intention of wanting to quit your addiction, and chip at it bit by bit. Slow and steady wins the race. Step by step. 

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