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In the Name of God بسم الله

COVID-19 - Breaking News [OFFICIAL THREAD]

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Message added by Hameedeh

Information changes rapidly and some news reports can be unreliable. We appreciate participation during this pandemic, but some replies can be removed if inaccurate. This thread is ONLY for breaking news.

(Haji 2003) Safety information: https://sourceful.co.uk/doc/583/faqs-on-protecting-yourself-from-aerosol-transmiss

The Holy Prophet had given this dua'a to his daughter with instruction that whoso recites it daily, in the morning and evening, remains safe from fever


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100,269,531 Cases (+449,094)

2,148,650  Deaths (+9,597) ~1death/50cases

72,272,729 Recoveries

25,848,152 Active Cases of which 110,404 are Serious or Critical

As the 100 million threshold is crossed, the US has 431,392 deaths and 26,259 Serious-Critical cases.

lRI has 57,481 deaths and 4,057 Serious/Critical.

lrak has 13,000 deaths and 158 Serious/Critical.

Pakistan has 11,318 deaths and 2,218 Serious/Critical.

The PRC has 4,635 deaths and 50 Serious or Critical.

Afghanistan has 2,389 so-recorded deaths and 863 Serious/Critical.

RoK has 1,360 deaths and 275 Serious/Critical.

The Netherlands, where now 3 days of anti-lockdown rioting has occurred,  has 13,579 deaths and 655 Serious/Critical.

South Africa -which has its own variant- has 41,117 Deaths and 546 Serious/Critical.

England/UK -which has a similar variant- has 98,531 Deaths and 4,076 Serious/Critical.

ln various news reports, the primary professional concern is getting to mass-inoculated to slow/prevent more lethal mutations appearing. This is different from political concerns over "fairness." 


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From a letter to the British Medical Journal:



The Cuban government will produce 100 million doses of its vaccine, Soberana 02, against the new coronavirus this year in order to respond to its own demand and those of other countries. The 100 million doses planned would be only from Soverana 02 and there are already several countries interested in acquiring it, such as Vietnam, Iran and Venezuela, among others, and with those which the island has collaboration agreements, including Pakistan and India.

In the coming weeks, vaccination will be extended to 150,000 people on the island, on the way to mass immunization, and a test will be carried out in February to protect children with Soverana 02.

Despite being a small country, Cuba has a developed scientific center that produces almost all the vaccines it needs and state-of-the-art medicines.

Cuba's strategy to commercialize the vaccine has a combination of humanity and health impact and the need for our system to support, financially, the production of vaccine and drugs for the country.

The antigen is safe since it does not contain the live virus but parts of it, so its placement generates immunity, but it does not cause major reactions and, therefore, it does not require extra refrigeration, like other candidates in the world.

Cuba is going to be one of the first countries in the world to vaccinate all its inhabitants if not the first; during this year we will all be vaccinated.



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On 1/12/2021 at 2:47 AM, hasanhh said:

lt's getting better.

The Zoo is using the same treatment scheme as was used on Trumpo    <---actually typo,  :sign_sorry:


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101,997,000 Cases (+588,714)

2,198,974 Deaths   (+16,029)

73,840,764 Recoveries

15,957,262 Active Cases of which 109,867 are Serious or Critical.

South Carolina confirmed today that it has found the South Africa Variant, B.1.351, within the state. This variant appears to have a spike that makes it resistant to current vaccinations.

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23 hours ago, hasanhh said:

25,957,262 Active Cases    --CORRECTED


102,575,890 Cases (+557,801)

2,214,016 Deaths (+14,220)

74,275,521 Recoveries

26,086,353 Active Cases of which 109,425 are Serious or Critical

The South African variant, B.1.351 . According to "experts agree", "existing vaccines work to protect us from this variant." What the effectiveness rate/percent is is an unknown at this time.


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106,325,406 Cases (+419,005)

2,318,838 Deaths [3% of cases] (+10,961)

78,110,533 Recoveries

25,896,035 Active Cases of which 104,441 Serious or Critical (down 3,995 in the past week)

The US has 473,493 deaths.

Brazil has 231,069 deaths.

Mexico has 164,290 deaths.

lndia has 155,028 deaths.

UK has 112,092 deaths.

Germany and Spain have over 61k deaths.

lRl has 58k deaths.

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Today is the 1st anniversary of Doctor Li WenIiang's death.

106,676,224 Cases (+345,262)

2,326,773 Deaths (+7,778)

78,520,457 Recoveries

25,828,994 Active Cases of which 103,773 are Serious or Critical

PROJECTION: Given the current death rate of ~2.7%, the World annual population increase rate of 1% and estimating the medical advances limiting the loss-of-life; the global population will decrease ~1% per year and in five years drop 77 millions. This excludes changes brought about by new -and current- variants.

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2400GMT/1900EST, Tuesday,09Feb21

107,376,181  Cases  (+366,947)

2,348,679 Deaths  (+12,581)

79,425,295  Recoveries

25,602,207 Active Cases of which 102,650 are Serious or Critical

As of today, the number of P.1 cases inside the US is 9 in 2 states. 

There are 932 cases of variant B.1.1.7 in 34 states.

There are 3 cases of B.!.351 in 2 states.

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107,816,415 Cases (+417,892)

2,362,691 Deaths (+13,250)

79,959,558 Recoveries

25,494,166 Active Cases of which 101,605 are Serious or Critical

For age and sex distribution of C-l9 deaths inside the US: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm 

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Iran starts COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Iran's inoculation effort for its 80 million-plus population is starting with Russia's Sputnik V vaccine, authorities have said.

The first doses of the Russian vaccine arrived in Tehran on Thursday, with two more shipments expected by Feb 18 and 28, according to Iranian authorities.

The Islamic republic has bought two million doses of Sputnik V, health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour told AFP on Saturday.



Iran on Sunday unveiled its second homegrown COVID-19 vaccine, based on a recombinant protein that can be injected or inhaled, authorities said.

The COV-Pars vaccine, developed by the country's oldest scientific research center, Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, is expected to undergo human trials from Monday.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony in Tehran, Iran's Health Minister Saeed Namaki expressed hope that the country will emerge as a "hub of vaccine production" in coming months.


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1 hour ago, Ashvazdanghe said:

l "like" this, yet l do not know enough to comment. l thought of posting the following last night -on vaccine selection- but there is not much more than the title, only authoritative comment:

You can skip the first 2 minutes as its only people-on-the-street opines:


lt does report that doctors are hesitant because not enough info is being released on any of the vaccines except BioNTech-Pfiser's.

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How C-l9 affects the brain, enters the nose cells.  https://www.dw.com/en/war-on-the-senses-how-coronavirus-affects-smell-and-taste/av-56539237 


108,259,435 Cases (+417,739)

2,376,592 Deaths (+12,395)

80,440,810 Recoveries

25,442,033 Active Cases of which 100,813 are Serious or Critical

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0n Feb 11th, the WHO reported a weekly decline of 17% in C-l9 cases and a 10% decline in deaths. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210210/rate-of-covid-cases-and-death-declining-worldwide   The US, Brazil, France, UK and Russia had the most new cases, but still had declines.

109, 077,537 Cases (+359,855)

2,403,636 Deaths (+9,664)

81,218,707 Recoveries

25,455,194 Active Cases of which 98,990 are Serious or Critical

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On CBS' Face the Nation, British PM Boris Johnson said that the UK does 47% of the World's genomic testing on coronavirus. This is why the UK and many other variants were discovered in England.

109,381,072 Cases (+290,079)

2,410,948 Deaths (+6,792)

81,615,219 Recoveries

25,354,905 Active Cases of which 98,498 are Serious or Critical


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Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota had no Covid deaths today.

Louisiana is not reporting because of a state holiday (mardi/yardi gra)

Hawaii has very low case numbers and not likely to report any deaths.

Ohio has a "backlog" of death reports.

So as of now, the US, according to worldometers, has 499,991 Covid deaths.

Tomorrow, the 17th, we will have a reported death toll exceeding 1/2 million.

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Early this morning (business hours), 7 deaths were reported in Niagara County, NY and 3 in the State of Maine. As such, using worldometers numbers(499,991 Tuesday, the 16th), the US now has 500,001 Deaths from C-l9.

The South African Variant, B.1.351 has been found in a 26 year-old woman who has not traveled in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

MIS-C  Multisystem lnflammatory Syndrome -Children is affecting children at a high rate for those infected with C-l9.

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110,405,035 Cases (+378,998)

2,439,065 Deaths  (+10,600)

85,302,710 Recoveries

22,663,260 Active Cases of which 96,410 are Serious or Critical

The USA has 502,067 deaths. CA,NY and TX all have over 40k deaths.

Brazil has 242,178 deaths.

The UK has 118,933.

lRl has 59,184.

S.Africa has 48,478.

Mexico has 175,986

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110,811,126 Cases (+386,729)

2,450,842 Deaths (+ 10,931)

85,748,403 Recoveries

22,611,881 Actives Cases of which 95,612 are Serious or Critical

There are reported re-infections of P.1 in Brazil's medical personnel.

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