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In the Name of God بسم الله

Need Books (Conversion to Shia Islam)

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Hello guys,

I have been a Sunni Muslim all my life (27 years) and have converted to Shia Muslim and currently looking for detailed books on

1) History of Islam (Where the split started and all the subsequent events in full detail - specifically from Shia Perspective as that's what I want to know more about)

2) Religious Practises of Shia Islam (Majalis and beliefs that are different from Sunni Islam)

3) Knowledge of Shia Islam (details about Imams and important dates and their importance)


I will appreciate it if one of you brothers can help me in this journey. Thanks

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congratulations on becoming a Shia, May Allah strengthen and guide you in this journey 

I highly recommend this book by this sheikh Muhammad al tijani who was also a Sunni and converted to Shiism. He explains the beliefs of Shias in detail



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