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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Physical vs Spiritual harms

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As Muslims we recognise that there is nothing worse than being morally corrupted.  We recognise that being morally and spiritually harmed is worse than being physically harmed.  And actually this belief isnt just limited to Muslims - most morally decent people will acknowledge this.  For example, they will say that it is better to be a good person who is disabled, than a bad person who is in perfect health.  This is because moral health is more important that physical health.

Now you would think that if moral & spiritual harms are worse than physical harms, then society should punish those people who cause moral & spiritual harms more severely than those who cause physical harms.  If someone attacks you without a good reason, they get locked up behind bars.  If they physically harm you, society punishes them. But on the other hand if they morally harm you by spreading corrupt ideas and promoting depraved behavior, nothing happens.  The problem isn't merely that they aren't punished by society, but it's that society - including probably most Muslims - don't acknowledge the amount of harm they are causing.

If murdering 1000 people is bad because of the physical harm it causes, then misguiding 1000 is surely worse?  Doesnt this mean that Islamophobes like Katie Hopkins, Hirsi, Dawkins, Tommy Robinson are worse than mass murderers?  This might sound extreme, but why is it extreme?  The moral and spiritual harm they have caused is huge, and there is nothing worse than moral and spiritual harm.

The problem is that we have all been affected by liberalism, which champions freedom at the expense of morality.  JS Mills 'harm principle' says you can't harm other people, but explicitly rules out moral harms from this.  The most influential political theory of the day ignores the most important harms.

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l need to think about the OP before l try an intelligent response, inshallah.

ln the meantime, l tripped over this a few minutes ago.

Reason: this is real, nutcase, "magical thinking" that leads to deadly harm:


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