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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Promoting Islam in our families

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Guest Leave the kids alone

I think kids learn by observing their parents, not being indoctrinated.  Let them see you being good Muslims, let them see you do zakat at hospitals and homeless encampments, work against racism, and hate.  When they see that you are the right kind of Muslim, they will remember it and want to be a part of it.

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Guest Pschological Warfare

No kid gets up in the morning, and has a desire to enroll in structured program called "Schooling". 

No Kid gets up and demands Vegetables, instead of sweets or tasty stuff. 

No Kid gets up and is ready for physical exercise, they rather play video games or be a couch potato and watch TV.  

If someone does not go to school, the entire family will be after them that they will destroy their lives and will not be able to make a living. Even the Government in some countries will not allow kids not attending a structured program that people "Adults" think is good for them. 

No one ever makes this charge of Indoctrination or freedom of kids and imposing your views on them.

As soon we talk about Islam, flood gates open and charges start piling up. Why? 

I think we all know the answer, we do not resist because we are not sure. 


"(O Prophet) tell (people) I don’t ask you any wage (in return for my prophethood) except to love my near kin. And if anyone earns any good We shall give Him an increase of good (in return for it)”(Qur’an 42:23).

Teach them to love the Truth. Kids love the Truth, Brave people, Sacrifice, Attend the programs from 1st Muharram till 8th Rabi Awaal - Rest will follow, as they grow and mature. 

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