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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Netflix 'Messiah' Series

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On 12/6/2019 at 3:04 PM, Moalfas said:

I believe the addition of 'ad dajjal' was made by Muslims connecting the dots rather than the producers. I've been reading that some Muslims have been blocked by Netflix for 'guessing' that the guy will lose an eye etc lol 

Also, according our narrations the Dajjal is not Al Masih al Dajjal. That's only in Sunni narrations. 

Shia narrations point to the Dajjal that will appear during the time of Imam (AJF) not before. It's also narrated that he'll be the last Fitnah and will be killed by the Imam AJF. So in essence, there will be many Fitnahs before Dajjal such as the Sufyani etc  

Salam it maybe added by some Muslims but it's not very far from truth because before & during invasion America to Iraq the Evangelists in MSM  like as Fox news specially people like as Glenn Beck were preparing minds of people to show that Imam Mahdi (aj) is Antichrists that will appear in one of Shia sacred cities inside Iraq that is their duty to find & use him or neutralize him to bring their Messiah that they still are following same policy & propaganda but changed it from Iraq to Syria because Syria is common ground for both Shias & Sunnis about second coming of Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) but Sunnis like as Evangelists also belive that Dajjal /Antichrist will rule over Jerusalem about 7 years in peace with Christians of other countries specially western countries  before second coming of Jesus but in Shia prophecies Dajjal doesn't has this rule but Imam Mahdi (aj) will conquer Jerusalem that will be in peace with them around 7 years to introduce & convince a great number of them by second coming of Prophet Isa (as)/Jesus during these peaceful years but again Evangelists & even Sunnis are introducing him as Dajjal/Antichrist but this time they are using a new tactic through Netflix.



Glenn Beck Part 1 The Twelfth Imam- 2-17-2011


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I don't want to derail this thread any further, but the last thing I'll say is that there is a definitive difference of opinion among the 'ulema on the degree of involvement that religion should have with politics during the ghayba.


Imam Khomeini is the most famous modern proponent of participating in political processes, although there were many before him -- including some of our greatest scholars, who can hardly be accused of remaining 'apolitical' or restricting their role only to the giving of 'advice' under the Safavids (and others). Imam Khomeini gave many arguments, in works like Hokumat-I Eslami, for why a government explicitly headed by jurists is preferrable, some of which have been alluded to in this thread. Some of them are summarized here, although not exhaustively.


" ... he lists several reasons why Islamic government is necessary:

To prevent "encroachment by oppressive ruling classes on the rights of the weak," and plundering and corrupting the people for the sake of "pleasure and material interest," (p. 54)
To prevent "innovation" in Islamic law "and the approval of the anti-Islamic laws by sham parliaments," (p. 54) and so
To preserve "the Islamic order" and keep all individuals on "the just path of Islam without any deviation," (p. 54) "it is because the just fuqaha have not had executive power in the land inhabited by Muslims ... that Islam has declined." (p. 80)
And to destroy "the influence of foreign powers in the Islamic lands" (p. 54)


In regard to non-Islamic governments, the work states "Non-Islamic government..."

is mired in red tape thanks to "superfluous bureaucracies," (p. 58),
suffers from "reckless spending", and "constant embezzlement," in the case of Iran, forcing it to "request aid or a loan from" abroad and hence "to bow in submission before America and Britain," (p. 58)
has excessively harsh punishments, (p. 33)
creates an "unjust economic order" which divides the people "into two groups: oppressors and oppressed," (p. 49),
though it may be made up of elected representatives does not "truly belong to the people" in the case of Muslim countries. (p. 56)"

You'd also need to read his books to see the textual and scriptural justifications he backs these arguments with; some of his source material overlaps with these.


Lastly, I would be highly skeptical of attempts to restrict 'political actions' to only explicit involvement in electoral systems. Not many things exist that can be truly apolitical, least of all religion.

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Coming back to the topic, I think I agree with brother Ibn Al-Ja'abi's take. I haven't seen anything to indicate that it's a plot to romaticize the concept of the Antichrist before his actual coming. If it is, it's a remarkably well-organized one. On the contrary, it looks like this figure is going to be depicted as a supernatural conman and the antagonist (rather than the protagonist) of the series. It's also unlikely to actually conform to scripture to the extent of the man losing an eye, etc.

This might be me being overly optimistic, but I think the social media response to the trailer release has already generated interest in true Islamic eschatology. If a clearly fictional depiction of the end times piques people's interest in what will actually happen, then that's a positive externality.


The fitna of the Dajjal is real, but I highly doubt that extends to the fitna of a Netflix spoof of his story.

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