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In the Name of God بسم الله

wafting incense smoke over head

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Perfume and 'smelling good' is viewed as a very positive thing in Islam and In fact, there are narrations that describe (paraphrasing): 'no money is wasted on perfume'

However, what we see from people using incense over their heads or under their clothes etc is cultural and probably just to have the smell stick! lol


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7 minutes ago, pinkyaliya said:

I sometimes see pilgrims (either in Iran or Iraq, cannot remember) wafting the smoke of a burning incense stick over their heads. Is this cultural or is there also a religious background to this? 


Either way, what is its  significance! 

The stick is a more desi influence. Incense and luban are the ones that are said have some calming properties, so they are good for a spiritual mood. 

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