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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
Paul Wick

Prayer Times (Translation help)

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 I would be very grateful if someone could clarify my understanding of Ayatollah Saanei’s presentation of the fadila prayer times discussed below.

ووقت فضيلة الظهر من الزوال إلى بلوغ الظلّ الحادث مثل الشاخص، كما أنّ منتهى فضيلة العصر المِثلان، ومبدأ فضيلته إذا بلغ الظلّ أربعة أقدام ـ أي أربعة أسباع الشاخص ـ على الأظهر، وإن لا يبعد أن يكون مبدؤها بعد مقدار أداء الظهر.

ووقت فضيلة المغرب من المغرب إلى ذهاب الشفق، وهو الحمرة المغربيّة، وهو أوّل فضيلة العشاء إلى ثلث اللّيل، فلها وقتا إجزاء: قبل ذهاب الشفق، وبعد الثلث إلى النصف. ووقت فضيلة الصبح من أوّله إلى حدوث الحُمرة المشرقيّة، ولعلّ حدوثها يساوق مع زمان التجلّل والإسفار وتنوّر الصُّبح المنصوص بها.



 I would be very grateful for any help you can provide.  

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(Issue 386) nafila prayer of noon is called before noon prayer and its time is as long as noon prayer time, but its time of virtue is from start of noon until the amount of the shadow that is found in the afternoon is as much as two-sevenths of it .  For example, if the index is seven palms of hand in length, whenever the amount of shadow found in the afternoon reaches two palm, then this end of time of virtue of noon.
(Issue 387) The Nafila evening prayer is doing before the evening prayer, and the time is the same as the time for evening prayer, but it is time for the virtue to reach the four-seventh of the amount of the indicator shadow that is found in the afternoon, And if one wishes to recite the nafilah of the noon and after noon after the time of their virtue, it is best to recite the noon nafiah  after the noon prayer, and the afternoon nafilah after the afternoon prayer, and  according to the recommended precaution, doesn't make intention of Qada & Ada.
(Issue 388) The time for the Maghrib nafilah Prayer is after the Maghrib prayer  until the redness of the Maghrib that  appears after sunset in the sky disappears .
(Issue 389) It is time for the Isha nafila prayer is after finishing Isha paryer to the  midnight and it is better to read it immediately after the Isha prayer.



It is time to perform evening and Isha prayers after praying of noon and sunset prayer . But if you mean the time of virtue, the time of the virtue of prayer is that the time of the virtue of the morning prayer will continue from the morning to the twenty-one minute after the morning adhan.  The virtue prayer time of the noon prayer lasts from Dhuhr Adhan to  hour to forty minutes after it. The virtue of  evening prayer  begins two hours and fifty minutes after noon adhan  and lasts forty-two minutes. time of virtue of  Azan Maghreb  continues fifty an on minute .  The virtue of Esha prayer time begins fifty-one minutes after the dawn  and lasts three hours and ten minutes.

Ayatollah Sistani astronomical software 


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Q: Please explain the times of prayer and the times of virtue of the daily prayers.Answer: The time of noon and evening prayer is after dawn (Shari'ah noon: halfway between sunrise and sunset) until sunset, and it is as much as dedicating one prayer at the beginning and end of the aforementioned time of noon or evening.
The prayer time for the Maghreb and Esha is extended until midnight, if it does not read out voluntarily until midnight; it is obligatory precaution to perform it before dawn without intention of  Qada & Ada and time of it  for the distressed person that  He does not recite the prayer over forgetfulness or because of sleep or mensuration until midnight; it continues until dawn.
The morning prayer time is from  Fajr to dawn of sun .
The time of virtue of the noon prayer, from declining until reaching of indicator shade to the four-seventh of shade.
The time of virtue is the evening prayer from reaching indicator   to two- seventh of shade  (approximately one and a half hours after afternoon) until it is reduced to six-seventh of it .
The time of virtue of the Maghrib prayer as obligatory precaution is after that the red of the east, which is found after sunset, passes  the head of the human being, until the decay of the crepuscle (the redness of Maghrib-Hamreh Maghrib) .
The time of virtue of the Esha prayer is from the decline of the crepuscle (about 2 minutes after sunset) to one third of the night.
The time of virtue is the morning prayer from the beginning of Fajr to the clearing of the sky.


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