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In the Name of God بسم الله

Mastrubation in Islam

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We can simply say that masturbation is forbidden even if avoiding it entails extreme difficulty because Allah can test people in different ways. If Allah gives some people easy ways to get halal sex, and gives others extended periods of no halal sex, then it is all His own planning and He has the authority to do whatever He wishes. 

Imam Jaffar as Sadiq (عليه السلام) said: 

There was a time when Allah, the Majestic, the Glorious, took the descendents of Adam from his back to establish a covenant with them to testify that He is their Lord and to believe in the prophethood of all the Prophets. The first among the Prophets whose prophethood Allah wanted them to accept through a covenant was Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant. Allah, the Majestic, the Glorious, then said to Adam, “Look (to find) what you can see.” ‘The Imam then said, “Adam then looked and saw his descendents appearing as small particles that filled the sky. Adam then said, ‘Lord, how huge in number my descendents are! For what purpose have You created them and for what reason did You make them to establish a covenant with You?’” Allah, the Majestic, the Glorious, replied, “So that they worship Me and do not consider anything else as My equal and so that they believe in My messengers and follow them (for guidance).”

Adam then asked, “Lord, why is it that I see certain ones of the particles are greater, others have a great deal of lights, yet others among them have very little light and still others among them have no lights at all?” Allah, the Majestic, the Glorious, replied, “Thus, I have created them to place them to test in every condition that they will live.” Adam then asked, “My Lord, will You grant me permission to speak so I may express myself?” Allah, the Majestic the Glorious said, “Speak up; your spirit is from My spirit but your nature is different from My being.” Adam then asked, “Lord, had You created them all just like each other, by the same measure, the same nature, of likewise design, of the same color, of equal life span, of equal amount of means of living they would not act against each other. No jealousy, animosity and differences would exist among them over anything.” Allah, the Majestic, the Glorious, said, “O Adam, through My spirit you just spoke and due to the weakness of your nature you made an effort to give an opinion about that of which you have no knowledge. I Am the Creator of the world. I knowingly have created each one different from the others and through My Own way I will make My commands to take effect and they will continue existing through My plans and measures. There will be no changes in My creation. I have created the Jinn and human beings only to worship Me. I have created paradise for those who obey and worship Me and follow My messengers. I have no regrets in what I have done. I have created the fire for those who disbelieve, disobey Me and do not follow My messengers and I have no regrets in it. I have created you and your descendents not because I ever need you or your descendents in anyway or form. I have created you and created them to test you and test them to see which ones among you do good deeds in the worldly life before your deaths. For this reason I have created the world and the life thereafter, life, death, obedience, disobedience, paradise and the fire. This is how I willed in My measure and plan. Through My all-pervasive knowledge in them I have placed differences in their forms, bodies, colors, lifespan, means of living, obedience and disobedience. I, thus, have made certain ones of them to be unfortunate or very fortunate. Certain ones among them will have eyesight or be blind, others among them will be of short size or tall ones, beautiful or otherwise, knowledgeable or ignorant, wealthy or poor, obedient or disobedient, of good health or suffering from illness, of defective bodies or free of bodily defects. In this way those of perfect bodies will look at the defective ones and thank Me for the perfect body that I have given them and those with defective bodies will look at the perfect ones and will pray to Me and ask Me to grant them good health and exercise patience when and in the way I test them. Thus, I will grant them good rewards. The wealthy ones after looking to the poor ones will thank Me and appreciate My favors. When the poor ones look to the wealthy ones they pray to Me and ask Me favors. It is as such so that the believers will look to the unbelievers and thank Me for the guidance that I have granted them. For such reasons I have created them. I test them in ease and in hardships and in good health that I grant them and in the matters with which I test them, in the matters of what I grant them and in the matters that I refuse them. I am Allah, the powerful King. It is all up to Me to allow all of My measures and plans to take form or change them as I wish to the time that I wish. I may change the sequel of the timing of my measures and plans and allow, that which comes first to come last and vice versa. I am Allah, and I execute whatever I will. I am not questioned for whatever I do but I question My creatures about their deeds.”’”

Al Kafi-The Book of Belief and Disbelief H 1449, CH 1c, h 2


So if Allah has chosen early marriages for some of us, but very delayed marriages for others who must remain sexual abstinent, then we have no right to complain or indulge in masturbation. 

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Your logic is incorrect. Masturbation is the simulation of sex. What masturbation does is stimulate the nerves that would be stimulated during intercourse. The reason SELF masturbation is Haram is bec

Just because some scholar or even all the scholars said something doesn't mean that it is in the Qur'an. I do not park my brain just because some scholar tells me to park it. Scholars are people too a

Salam... Ayat 23:5,6,7...contain 3 verses I will focus first at verse 23:5 "And they who guard their private parts." What do we understand as guarding the private parts.  Maybe it mea

Masturbation, according to the Qur'an, is a grey area that is not explicitly stated through any direct verse. We have the verse that mentions the transgressors as seeking sexual activity beyond what is allowed by Allah. (ie: marriage). Some interpret this verse as sexual activity between other people. Masturbation with is your own body, so you would not be seeking sexual immorality and thus transgressing the law of Allah, according to some. 

However, it is important to note that there are hadiths which our beloved Imams (عليه السلام) have stated that masturbation is an indecent act. If something is indecent, it does not automatically translate to haram since indecency is an act that would be best to be avoided as much as possible. Haram is always haram that unless in unusual circumstances where your life is in danger (no food or water until you are near death) then the haram become allowed in that moment. In no other circumstances would the haram be halal. Indecency could be disliked or makrooh depending on the circumstances. Some scholars state that it masturbation haram, no questions ask. Others believe it is makrooh.

I believe you need to apply some logic here. If you are unmarried, and have not found someone suitable, is that the same as someone who is married and has access to sexual intercourse freely? There is a good reason why masturbation is not forbidden directly outright such as clearly haram actions like stealing and lying. There is a grey area that allows people to understand that some acts are circumstantial. I would caution you to not rush into marriage with any person that happens to come along just for the sake of avoiding sin. Sin is a nafs problem, an internal struggle, and marriage only solves a large portion if you married to someone suitable, and find it easier to control your nafs. Otherwise, it would a different kind of hell with greater hardship married to a bad person than if you just to seek forgiveness from Allah for any shortcomings. Yes, marriage is a safeguard against sin, but getting married is not simply choosing a random person--it is a life long commitment that goes beyond sexual activity. You need to keep this in mind when choosing a partner.  

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On 1/7/2020 at 12:28 AM, Guest Air said:

If you are unmarried, and have not found someone suitable, is that the same as someone who is married and has access to sexual intercourse freely?

If someone is unmarried and commits a sexual sin, his punishment is often half that of a person who is married.

But if a person is married but still does not have access to sexual intercourse freely (lives in a different country or is imprisoned etc)., then would he be punished half like the unmarried or full like the married? 

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On 1/3/2020 at 1:26 AM, Vindemiatrix said:

This is incredibly difficult. I myself don't know anyone who doesn't do it. Here are somethings which are said to be easier than abstinence for people with high libido: Losing weight, fasting, getting a degree or higher qualifications. How do we know that abstinence is harder? Because there are people who have done all three of these things combined but they still don't stop masturbation. There's probably some people who try to stop this habit and they literally aren't successful before their marriage but at that point it obviously doesn't even matter 

We say that avoiding masturbation is incredibly difficult. But what does Islam say about it? Does Islam say that masturbation is meant to be extremely difficult to avoid before marriage? Can we say this is Allah's test for unmarried people that they must do something which is extremely and unusually difficult? Is not masturbating meant to be the most difficult thing in Islam for the unmarried? 

Or.....should masturbation be something which a person should be able to avoid very easily, without any hardship or frustration at all?

My understanding is that since Islam does not want people to suffer any undue hardships, so it would like that if one is unmarried, then his sexual desire should be such that it doesn't lead to any frustration at all if he doesn't masturbate. In other words, he should find no difficulty, or hardship or pain or mental torture in staying away from masturbation. It should be extremely easy for him to not masturbate, instead of being extremely difficult. 

Ofcourse, in reality staying chaste is very difficult - but isn't it the most ideal and preferred situation and the goal for the unmarried that when they avoid masturbation, they can do it with extreme ease and comfort rather than by extreme hardship and incredible difficulty. Isn't it desirable that unmarried people reduce their sexual desires to such an extent, that not masturbating becomes the easiest thing to do? 

I'm not saying everyone can reach this goal, but should unmarried people atleast strive and hope and pray that their sexual desires get reduced to such a level that avoiding masturbation becomes extremely easy. 

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