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Talking to an ex (Islamic opinion)?

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On 11/6/2019 at 10:42 AM, Love4the14 said:

Strongly disagree. There are some ppl with terrible personalities out there and if you wait till after marriage to ‘discover’ then that’s how ppl end up in abusive relationships. Even if you check references, that person could present an excellent persona to the rest of the public who will all sing his or her praises but then they turn out to be really dysfunctional within a relationship. So you should still take your time getting to know them, within the bounds of Islam. Sorry off topic 

Strange how divorce rates have gone up after couples increased the whole "getting to know each other completely" before marriage. People can keep up appearances for years to get what they want. "Getting to know each other" will also not stop people from changing for the worse or going back to old bad habits they once had, or have but which will not show up until you get into a very close very stressful committment requiring situation with them e.g handling children, parenting, marital responsibilities, financial strain, etc none of which are present during the "get to know" stage.

For the most part, most getting to know sessions that are not fully and completely parent/family regulated are simply private flirting sessions to impress each other..and are what you can call "technically" halal dating. So young people go through the whole non Islamic dating cycle (minus physical contact - hopefully-) then if lucky end up marrying each other. 

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