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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Solution to the problem of inheritance of the "Holy Land"

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It seems that people make problems out of nothing. Actually there is no inheritance issue that anybody, including the bani Israel need to be worried about. Why? 

Because once there is peace on Earth every human can go live wherever they want. There wont be borders like today. Everybody will be free to go wherever they please, and that I believe is forecasted by the religious representatives of all holy religions.

At the same time not every Jew or non Jew will want to settle in Canaan/Palestine/Judea/land of Prophet Israel/etc. There are many other places that are holy on this world. Whatever floats your boat!

Every religion and tribe has their own holy places in their historic ancestral lands. Some people might want to live here for instance..


Or here ..


Or ..


Some people might prefer the following over the Middle East ..


Whatever floats your boat ..


You get the idea ..

Point is that everybody has different tastes and different needs at different times. God made this Earth expanse wide and vast enough for all of us to be more than happy and safe. Whatever makes us remember God the most and makes us thank Him the most ..

The whole talk of "eternal" land and "eternal" inheritance of the lovers of God, that can’t be in this life, because we will all die. In the next life we are promised an eternal land or eternal damnation. So I think there is a major confusion about any of us children of Adam hanging out at any land forever. Whatever Jews or bani Israel or japethites or hamites want to hang out in the land of canaan or Palestine or or or .. in order to worship the one God together (multitude of nations), will be able to do so without weapons or kicking anybody out of their house.

Keep dreaming my brothers and sister in humanity. Life is good!

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Here are some more photos of places I tried to upload on the earlier post but there wasnt enough space..


The fact is that the Inheritor of everything is our One God. Our King. Our Sustainer .. Al Warith (inheritor) aL Malik (king) Al Rabb (sustainer) 

These lands are all His .. all of the heavens and Earth, and we will all return to Him

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