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In the Name of God بسم الله

Sistani.org - Questions from BBC about some inappropriate practices, and the responses to them

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Written by freezak   
Wednesday, 09 October 2019 11:04

By Yusuf Abdullahi
"...After the widely circulated BBC report on the so called female sexual exploitation which attracted mixed reactions, a unique side, is the level of enquiries about Shi'ism that people across the world pose to the adherents of this faith....."

In the name of Allah who states “O you who believe! Stand out firmly For Allah, as witnesses To fair dealing, and let not The hatred of others To you make you swerve To wrong and depart from Justice. Be just: that is Next to piety: and fear Allah, For Allah is well - acquainted With all ye do” Q5:8
May the everlasting peace and blessings of Allah be upon His noble servant, our master Muhammad and his pure progeny.
Most recent trending issue on Islamophobic drive by BBC, a leading media outfit presumably on investigative journalism was apparently against Shi'ism. .....



Islamophobic BBC Documentary Denounced by Shia Clerics

1 day ago Fiqh & LifeSociability & Relations


We stand in full solidarity with the victims of this abuse – our sisters – and urge the Iraqi authorities to swiftly prosecute those who are found to have broken Iraqi law and Islamic laws and values.

The following statement has been issued by Shia organisations and leaders of Islamic Shia communities in the United Kingdom regarding the recent BBC documentary:






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