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In the Name of God بسم الله

The hadith of 12 hypocrites

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Plzz I have aquestion...I wnt to know if the hadith of 12  hypocrite fit on Muawia and some others?? and how muawia died??? plzz answer me in the light of Sunni and Shia books?? I have searched this topic on internet but no resullts..help me...Allah bless u

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In Shārḥ al-Aḵḫbār fi Faḍhāʾil al-Aʾimmāh al-Aṭhār, volume 2, page 531.

Narrated Nāṣr bin Muzāḥim, from Jʾafar al-Aḥmār, from Lāyth, from Muḥārib bin Ziyād, from Jābir bin Abdillāh, that the Prophet said:

“Muawiya dies on other than my religion.”

(In the same source, and Biḥār al-Anwār, volume 8, page 560), from al-Rāġhib, that Imam Ali said:

“The son of Hind doesn’t die, except when the cross is hanged on his neck.”

In al-Ṣirāṭ al-Mustāqim, volume 3, page 50.

From Salamah bin Kuhayl, from al-Aḥnaf, that Imam Ali said:

“The Pharaoh doesn’t die, except when the cross is hanged on his neck,” so he - al-Aḥnaf - said: I entered on him - Muawiya - and with him is Amr and al-Usquf (Arabic word for bishop), and on his neck is a cross made of gold, so he said: They ordered me, and said: “If the sickness made the medicine exhausted, we went to the cross, and would find comfort.”

Narrated al-Zuhri, that the monk told him: The cause of your sickness is the evil eye, and we have a cross that causes the evil eye to leave, so he hanged it on his neck, and he died, so it was taken off from him on the muġhtāsal.

And in al-muḥāḍharat that when he hanged it, he [the monk] said: “He’s dead inevitably,” so he died.


Interesting, isn’t it? Well, there are many traditions indicating that the Umayyads and Abbasids were Jews/Christians.

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