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In the Name of God بسم الله

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Bismillah (in the name of God, the most beneficent, the most merciful)
Salaam and Eid Ghadeer Mubarak to all!!! On this blessed occasion, I humbly present this poem in honour and celebration of Eid Ghadeer. 

Hasten towards the best of deeds,
Hasten towards the best of deeds,
Towards the one for you will intercede,
Salman across the junction of Ghadeer he’d plead,
Leave all things and listen to your messenger,
For what you learn today bears as much importance as the five daily prayers.

Standing upon the makeshift pulpit of saddles,
Muhammad before thousands he rose,
My message is complete from today,
After me Ali is your maula who will keep you from going astray,
Follow his way for he is your leader and my Ummah’s protector,
Time stands still as the Ummah witnesses with their faces frozen,
Some smiling and cheering whilst others are commiserating.

This is my final proclamation,
As I stand here in the dessert sun,
The best of creation,
Raising the palm of my successor,
The one born in prayer’s direction,
His name will transcend nations and find hearts seeking his intercession,
His love will comfort broken troubled hearts that crave his protection, 
He is The ship of salvation,
Today you all I congratulate on perfecting for you this religion. 

Ali is with the truth and the truth is with Ali,
His tongue like his sword can blow you with strikes of truths heavy,
And yet like his sword Dholfikr stays sheathed until necessary,
This man is filled with every purity.

Oh people listen,
If you leave Karrar forget smelling the scent of heaven,
Your soul will not even feel the soothing comfort of its presence,
The wilayah and love for Haider is a requirement for every believer,
Just call his name and Allah will answer your every prayer. 

This decision needs no reasons nor contemplation,
It is a reaction of love from hearts of gold that are chosen,
This love gives an Earthly creature made of God’s soul,
A sense of purpose belonging,
For in such souls to seek proximity to God’s signs there is a longing.

Just take a glance at his achievements,
He first opened his eyes to gaze at his Prophet,
Cradled by my arms everyday as an infant,
Raised in the house of Ahmed,
Cooked the meal for the banquet and pledged his allegiance to me at the age of 11,
Uhud, Badr, Khaybar, Kundaq and Siffeen, 
I gave him my beloved Zahra and he treated her as a Queen,
Need I continue reciting the merits of Ameerul Momineen

Oh Haider,
Your mother named you as a brave warrior but oh my brother have sabr,
Be patient after me for you witness despair,
As they stand in Saqiffa deciding Islam’s next heir without for you a worry or a care,

Oh Ali, blessed are your lovers,
For they will become heaven’s dwellers, 
Their houses of love adorned by the most beautiful divine of flowers,
They will be my friends and neighbors,
Drinking from the pool of Kauther. 

Oh Ali,
Your enemies will be many,
And your followers will be tested in every time, place and century,
Their trials as heavy as the door of Khaybar you carried single handedly,
They will come to your sanctuary with their hands spread asking for your strength to carry them through life’s every journey.

Oh Ali,
How can my pen do any justice to Ghadeer,
Yet for your remembrance my pen’s ink bleeds,
Please in the hereafter for your lovers intercedes.

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