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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Pernkopf's Atlas

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Pernkopf's Atlas  

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  1. 1. Do you agree with the use of unethical means to achieve ethical ends?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I'm not sure

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Pernkopf's Atlas was a book of anatomy written by a Nazi during the third Reich and is renowned for its detailed diagrams of the anatomy of man, showing muscle and nerve illustrations unrivalled by any other book.

Aside from being written by a Nazi, the diagrams and information were obtained from people dissected by Nazis during the Shoah (Holocaust).

In a BBC article, a surgeon used the book to save a man's leg when she was unable to locate a nerve by conventional means.

So, in your view, do you agree with the use of unethical methods to get to ethical results?

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I am not certain if the scenario was unethical. He dissected corpses that worms would eat with or without dissection. In the 19th century, no one would be willing to let such a thing happen and the rich would use locks on strongly made coffins while the poor could not afford them so they used to forcibly take those bodies. This lead to wrong conclusion about what should be a normal thymus gland size for instance when later compared to corpses of babies in the last century and even resulted in deaths from wrong treatment. Anyway, no offense. Credit probably goes to both the "Nazi" doctor for his research and the deceased. Unless the "Nazi" behaved unprofessionally which I doubt because all scientists are usually free of such cares.

Now that Nazi shoe is on the other foot and Zionists harvest organs from Arab youth. But lets stick to the real boogey men which were Nazis.

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1 hour ago, hasanhh said:

The US medically published and used information gathered during Shoah and from Japan's Unit 731.

I never knew about that, never heard of Unit 731 before either. Will certainly look into it!

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I think there is a wider principle at stake here.

I'm pretty sure I have covered this in a previous blog post.

What follows below is pretty much a personal opinion hugely uninformed by any knowledge of the relevant Islamic ethics. So happy to be corrected by any passing mullah.

History is littered with evil people do things with positive outcomes. The example the OP has given is just one of them. This has implications for believers. We don't need to do bad things, even if they will yield good outcomes, because some evil person will be around to do this.

And the believer can just come afterwards, in the slipstream of the evildoer, and take advantage. 

An early adopter of video compression/streaming technology was the porn industry, the fact that they helped make it viable does not stop the rest of us from putting the tech to better use.

My takeaway from this is that there is no need for a believer to compromise their imaan in order to innovate some new technology, why not let Satan do some of the heavy lifting?

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