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In the Name of God بسم الله

Using the Islamic name after the Shahada

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Assalamu alaykum.

Doubt:If I order something to be send at my mother's house and I put the name that I choose after the Shahada,like the name that I choose Maryam with my surname(my surname on the id),is this mixing truth with falsehood?Cause it's not the same name in my id.

Sorry for this stupid question...

And again...if I present myself to someone...can I use my Muslim name or I have to present my self with the name on my id(identity card)?

And is better to change the name on the id too and to put the Islamic name?And like Islamic name the changing of the name suffice or is intended the surname too?

Sorry for the multiple questions...!

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When ordering things you don't even need to put your real name anyway. So long as the billing information is in the same name as on your bank card. I could for example give my name as Mr... Bean, it doesn't matter so long as my name on the bill and on my bank card match. You will always have your birth name on your birth certificate, regardless of whether you change it by deed poll.

When presenting yourself, use whichever name brings you the most ease and comfort. If you meet Muslims then you could use your Arabic name, when meeting your fellow citizens then you may, for safety or other reasons such as ease of pronunciation, wish to use your birth name... However, if you wear hijab then I guess this is what people will focus on, not your name. If you don't wear hijab then sometimes being a 'gray person' has good uses.

You can, if you wish, change your first name on I.D. but I would strongly advise against this. I changed my middle name by deed poll and I regret changing it on official I.D such as my passport, because it draws attention and there may/will come a time when such attention could be more hassle than its worth. 

You may change your first name or middle name, but you cannot change your surname. If you change your surname you essentially lose your paternal lineage (on paper at least). Changing of surnames upon adoption was not permitted in Islamic history, when an orphan was adopted he or she kept her father's name. The same goes for converting.

Insha'Allah this helps you, and may Allah make this journey into Islam easy and a light in your heart.

-From a fellow convert.

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