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In the Name of God بسم الله

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I know many Muslim landlord (in the West). Their apartments are typically non-smoking and no pets, and they will ask you about your employment when you contact them (like every other non-Muslim lanlord). According to the Fair Housing Acts this is seemingly the maximum you can get away with before it falls under discrimination. That being said, people clearly violate these rules all the time (e.g. Chinese buildings).

What confuses me is the following... Presumably these Muslim landlord are renting out their apartments to boyfriend/girlfriend couples... or else they wouldn't be able to survive in the rental market. One would assume that non-married couples are engaging in Zina. Regardless, it is free-mixing nonetheless. Furthermore, they likely rent out their apartments to gay couples, who are likely engaging in Sodomy, or lesbian intercourse.

What does Islam say about this (from a Fiqh perspective)?  Should Muslim landlord be able to discriminate in order to have NOT provided the tools necessary to perform immoral sex acts (I.e. housing)? OR Should Muslim landlord be forbidden from discriminating in regards to housing (since shelter is considered basic human right in the religion of Islam? Does it depend on how many listings are available in order for it to be considered reasonable or unreasonable (If many apartments are available,  then you could argue that it's not really denying housing, but rather it's deferring housing? OR should Muslim landlord simply assume the best in their tenants, so that a self-proclaimed gay couple is really just two straight dudes hanging out? 

This question brings up more questions than it answers. Our traditions condemn living alone, as this is a huge gateway to commiting sin... so would it also be wrong to house any non-straight non-married couple? Another question to add on could be regarding transgenders and whether or not they are the sex that they say they are (when considering this question), and whether or not you should refer to them by their preferred pronouns,  shake their hands (which sex are they really?) etc...

Lastly, breaking the law is Haram in Islam. Discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, marital status and/or relationship status is ILLEGAL in most western countries, such as Canada.

But is it also Haram to break a law that you cannot easily prove as violated in order to follow God's law more closely?

Anyways, for the sake of this question, we will assume that this discrimination is legal... despite it being absolutely illegal.

TL;Dr...: My main question is the following: Is denying housing to straight non-married couples, and gay couples HARAM or HALAL?

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4 hours ago, AmirioTheMuzzy said:

Regardless, it is free-mixing nonetheless. Furthermore, they likely rent out their apartments to gay couples, who are likely engaging in Sodomy, or lesbian intercourse.

As I understand it unless you have incontrovertible proof, you can't presume ill of anyone.

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It's not halal because it was never made halal to do so by Allah.

You cannot avoid dealing with people whose lifestyles are conflicting with Islamic values. People try to do this by emigrating to Muslim countries, but even there let's face it, the grass isn't usually greener. Those that conflict with our values are everywhere, from our shops to our operating theatres, we pay them, we take their money, we use them, they use us.

Besides, up until tenancy agreements are signed at the estate agents, landlords have little to no contact with the tenant, it is the estate agent that usually deals with the tenant, in our case we have never met or seen the landlord once, other than through Facebook profile snooping. Also of course, providing a tenant abides the agreement, there really isn't much a landlord can do to get rid of them until the contract is expiring. Muslims also have a duty to fulfill a contract with another person, whether they are Muslims or not. So no, there really is no way it could happen.

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