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In the Name of God بسم الله

Signs of the Faraj of Imam Al Mahdi (aj)

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4 hours ago, Sayyed_Splinter said:


What signs of the faraj are happening now? Any theory? Where are the "black flags"?

Wa alaikum as salam,

There are hundreds of signs that are happening right now and we can see/visualize all these signs from our own naked eyes..like..

Successive wars and deaths in world

Increasing Injustices and Tyranny

Continuous tribulations

the lost of honesty and integrity

power in hands of Tyrants

Frequent, unexpected rise in death

The spread of Usury system

there hundreds of such signs that can be listed here and as per my own understanding majority of such signs either already happened or happening right now in front of our eyes. Though there are 5 major signs about which most of Shia scholars agree upon--

1. Rise of Sufyani

2. Rise of Yamani

3. Loud Cry in Sky that will be heard by all inhabitants of Earth

4. The murder of Nafs e Zakiyah

5. Sinking of Sufyani army in Baida

As far as army of black flag is concerned, none knows at the moment where they are though there are certain hadiths that mention that army of black flag will be led by Syed Khorasani and there is hadith of Imam Jafar Sadiq (عليه السلام) that says, " rise of Sufyani, Yamani and Khorasani will happen like beads of rosary in month of Rajab."


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Abu Hamza ath-Thumali had heard Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (عليه السلام) saying:......
.......Al-Qa'im (s) will not appear unless his appearance is preceded by great terror, earthquakes, sedition, calamities, spread of plague, killing among the Arabs, great disagreements among people, separation in religion and bad conditions until one wishes to die day and night because of what madness he sees among people and their trying to eat each other. Al-Qa'im (s) will appear after people reach a very high extent of despair. Blessed is he, who sees al-Qa'im (s) and becomes one of his supporters, and woe unto whoever opposes him, disobeys his orders and becomes his enemy.
ref: ghaibat noomani , Chap : Al Qaim's Aspects and Deeds , tradition number 22

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