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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Mutah with Christian girl

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2 hours ago, Guest Zoofi said:

Why would someone do the Mutah with a Christian girls anyway? I can’t imagine being intimate with a person who consumes pork and alcohol. I mean pork and and alcohol!! Everything about her body would be the product of haram. 

Salam ,it's for condition that men can't find a Muslim woman around themselves ,if men can do Mutah with Muslim woman ,it will has priority to Mutah with Christian girl .

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22 hours ago, Quran313 said:

I feel negativity in your comment. If I wear sunglasses, I see a dark shadow on everything around me. Once a person remove negativity and think logically, truth appears.

You asked s question about how Islsm protects women more than bf/gf relationship. First, the only difference between Mutah and bf/gf is reciting a sentence between the two and the guy entitled to give gift to the girl and accept some responsibilities which are not in bf/gf relationship.  Islam tells the guy that he HAS TO give the gift to her. Otherwise, he needs her consent to forgive the gift to him. If he avoid giving the gift, God never forgives the guy because it is حق الناس (means it's the girl's right to forgive or not, and God never forgives until the girl forgives him). This is the first respect that Islam has towards women.

The second comes in pregnancy. In bf/gf relationship, the guy can get out of the picture if he gets the girl pregnant. That's why you see so many single mother and so many kids who don't know their father. I'm going to skip the abortion topic in bf/gf relationship. It's very long and lengthy. On the other hand, Islam says the guy is responsible to pay for clothe, food, education, and everything the kid needs even if the Mutah marriage is expired. Islam says the baby born in Mutah marriage MUST be treated exsctly as a baby born in permanent marriage. Read this part, THE GIRL SHOULD NOT PAY EVEN 1 CENT FOR THE KID. It's all man responsibility.

To sum up, these are some reasons came into my mind that explsins why God used the word marriage for Mutah. He wanted to tell the guy, it's allowed but you have RESPONSIBILITY.

Regarding marriage license, you never ask for license in bf/gf relationship. Why do you need it for Mutah? Plus, if Mutah went well, guy and girl can do permanent marriage and get the license just like gf/bf relationship. The license part you mentioned in your other post is not understandable.

I tend to " get negative " when folks use religion for purposes of sexual predation. I'm Catholic and twitchy that way. But I don't think I need any kind of " glasses" to see what is going on and how it could be a big problem.

I also think you didn't understand my post. Perhaps re-read it?

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