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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Explaining germs and diseases in a sweet way. Jafar al Sadiq

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Theory Of Germs By Imam Jafar al Sadiq ((عليه السلام))

Once Jabir asked, “What are your views about sickness? Does it come by the order of Allah or is it accidental?”
Ja’far as-Sadiq ((عليه السلام).) replied, “Diseases are of three kinds. Some are from Allah, some are of our own creation and some are caused by tiny living beings....
Old age is a good example of the sickness which is from Allah. There is no escape from it. Sooner or later everyone must suffer from this disease and die.
We suffer from some diseases due to our ignorance and following our false desires. We have been warned in the Holy Qur’an not to indulge in excessive eating and drinking. If we eat a few morsels less and drink a few draughts less we shall be safe from many diseases.

Many diseases are caused by the enemies of the human body. These enemies are very small. They are so small that we cannot see them with our eyes. To protect us and to fight against these enemies, Allah has provided us with a large number of guards. Our guards are inside our bodies. They are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. When the enemies enter the human body and attack it, the guards put up a fight against them and try to annihilate them. When they are successful in their fight we recover from sickness.”

Jabir asked, “Who are our enemies that attack us and make us sick?”
Ja’far as-Sadiq ((عليه السلام).) replied, “They are of many kinds, but their constituents are limited?”

Jabir said, “I cannot understand what you mean. How can they be of different kinds, but made of limited number of things?”
Ja’far as-Sadiq ((عليه السلام).) explained, “The book you read has thousands of words and each word has a different meaning, but all of them are composed of a limited number of letters. Similarly our enemies are of thousands of kinds, but are made of limited number of substances. This point can be explained by another example. There are thousands of animals and all of them are made of flesh, blood and bones, but they are not alike. A cat is not like a camel. One is carnivorous and the other herbivorous.”

Reference:"Maghze Mutafakkir Jehan Shia"
The explanation is longer, this is an extract.
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