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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Social Media and the Rise of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery amongst the ages of 20-29 year olds have increased by the exposure of Instagram influencers, the Kardashians, and overall “It’s my body—and I’ll do whatever I want” messages. Right and left, Instagram influencers are falling prey to lip fillers and Botox. 

While I don’t believe plastic surgery is inherently bad or completely unnecessary (I personally had  bone grafts taken from my hip during corrective jaw surgery and it was placed to my cheeks to add a new layer of bone.) the majority of people getting work done, primarily within the younger crowd, do not have any cosmetic defects or bad skin from years of sun damage. They don’t have wrinkles, nor have they lost volume in their faces.

Due to Instagram becoming the reality in which everything is photoshopped to perfection, and that frown lines are smoothened out, pouts and eyes are made larger, as well as faces painted flawlessly with makeup, people, particularly women, have developed an unnatural and unhealthy obsession with plastic surgery being considered a routine procedure, not a luxury reserved for only when needed. Not only does post-op provide psychological challenges such as reaction to anesthesia, disliked outcome, and overall lack of self-esteem for the vast majority, but plastic surgery can become addictive, in which a woman (or man) percieves flaws that do not exist. Body dismorphia is not uncommon amongst those who frequently get things nipped and tucked. Furthermore, studies have shown that the majority of women getting breast implants, the most routine of all cosmetic surgeries, experience regret and dissatisfaction. 

In my personal life, I’ve known many people my own age who have gotten tons of work done: nose jobs (even the women who had flawless noses), cheeks implants and fillers, and the new trend, duck lips. They all went from stunners (I was always jealous of their beauty) to being every other wannabe. In pursuit of perfection, and the obvious chronically low self-esteem that had yet to be processed, they, and I say this with no exaggeration, destroyed their looks.

Such a shame, really, that people inject fillers (which stretch out the lips after continued usage, and the lips never regain their natural form when even dissolved.) and Botox (atrophies the muscles overtime so that more wrinkles show up.) and permanent cosmetic surgery that, no matter what anyone tells you, you likely don’t truly “need” and that it’s all just a gamble. Since the face is such a personal part of us all, why gamble with the most precious aspect of your body? 

After all, in the majority of the cases, natural variances in appearance is attractive and healthy, no matter what your plastic surgeon believes, or what social media influencers have to say. Once you mess something up, you can never go back. Think twice before going under the knife, and check your intentions.

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Wow, it's so sad that some girls do that to make themselves seem more "beautiful" but they'll end up disfigured in old age because it prevents the face from aging naturally. I know they probably don't care about how they look when they're old but still. 

But the thing is, no one is going to do anything to limit the exposure on those girls because it brings money in to the country, so it's up to the parents to help their children and teach them that there's nothing wrong with how they look and that's how they were meant to be. 

If they do it [plastic surgery] to attract a partner, then I wouldn't call it concealment or deception, but do they still feel happy with themselves even though they know that their partner isn't looking at the real them? Personally I don't find it attractive, it costs thousands, it can go wrong and 99% people are beautiful the way they are, there's no need for all those young people now to change themselves because the "celebrities" do it... 

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I used to work with a couple of women who regularly got duck lip jobs, one had breast implants. They would almost promote it and encourage other female staff to try it, one actually went ahead.

The one with the most work done looked, and may Allah forgive me, but she did not look good. Very Katie Price styled, and tanned to a shade of brown that would make even a Sri Lankan look pale. Though I saw her daughter who was a teenager herself and she looked fine, so obviously her mother would have looked fine before and didn't need to go down the route of surgery.

It is an addiction, one that I am unsure whether society has addressed properly yet, because it is an addiction that erroneously "doesn't cause any harm to anyone", people seem to back off trying to address it.

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From the point of view of a man, I can tell you honestly that 99% of the time, natural is more attractive than 'surgically enhanced'. For example I have seen many sisters that do the nose jobs. They are Arab, for example, and all their facial features are Arabic looking then they tell the surgeon to make their nose look Swedish. It looks good if your Swedish but if all your other features are Arab then it looks weird and out of place. 

Part of this has to do with the fact that most media, including most social media hold up one particular look and define that as beauty and then expect everyone else to conform to that. That is beauty according to that group of people but beauty is very subjective and also someones personality as well as other factors such as their Iman and humility, sense of humor, etc influence how we perceive someones physical apperance. 

So the problem is there are some, mostly sisters, who believe that how others perceive them is based on their physical measurements and proportions only. That may be how some perceive them, but guys who consider only those things are probably those tou wouldnt want to spend too much time with.

I am not saying cosmetic procedures and surgery don’t have their place. They are helpful for some, especially those who have physical deformaties or who have been in accidents that have left them disfigured or those who are unable to get married due to an obvious physical shortcoming. But for the vast majority of sisters, I don’t think cosmetic surgery will give them what they are seeking. For them probably reflecting on how they perceive themselves and why they perceive themselves they way they do would be more helpful. How others perceive you is a reflection of how you perceive yourself.

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1 hour ago, Abu Hadi said:

for the vast majority of sisters, I don’t think cosmetic surgery will give them what they are seeking. 

surely it will give them plastic life & life is not plastic (fake)

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