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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Custodian of my soul

Last Chance

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My master, my saviour, O' custodian of my soul,

I write these words for you in hope of becoming whole,

For what is my purpose if from you I'm apart?

How do I live on if you don't dwell in my heart?

A fish without water or a bird without wings,

Without you I am worse off than all of these things,

So tonight when destinies are tied and futures aligned,

When each fate is written and missions assigned,

I come to you begging with only one wish,

My heart full of guilt but my eyes in anguish...


I ask for a promise though I have no right,

But the flame of my hope shines so blindingly bright,

I ask that my soul remains always for you,

That I remain in your service whatever I do,

That you are my guardian and no other king,

No other person no matter what luring they bring,

Though I am not worthy, I know only one truth,

That I want to give you my end and my youth,

You are my beginning and you are my end,

This soul that I've shattered only your hands can mend.


Will you deny me on a night of such hope?

Would you forget me when I've held onto your rope?

No...how would you, when you've shown me such mercy?

When you've fed me the drink of your love when I'm thirsty,

You've responded to words still unescaped from my heart,

Granted the prayers that I've had yet to impart,

You've saved me from disasters to me unbeknown,

You shoulder my sorrows though I've left you alone,

No other such mercy exists in this world,

For it is attained from just one household,

Lanterns that guide and arks of salvation,

A household of honour and saintly prostration...


So I ask by your honour and by that of the other eleven,

By the majesty of the kings of the youths of His heaven,

By the modesty and grace of the treasure of Haidar,

And the might of the lion who lifted the gate of Khaybar,

And by the beauty of him for whom words I can't find,

The praised one whose brilliance could turn my eyes blind...

Accept me, my servitude and make me your own,

Allow me to repay a fraction of the mercy you've shown,

Let my eyes not shed tears except for your pain,

And if I lose everything, let your love remain,

If ever I'm deserted then stretch out your hand,

Be my place of belonging if I belong to no land,

If I lose all guidance and and in darkness I wander,

To my calls of help always be the responder,

Be my shelter if my home is taken away,

The stars of the night sky and the sun in the day...


May my health and my wealth and my life be for you,

Take all that I have, I'll start afresh and anew,

For in this world and the next, I have only one goal,

That you are forever the custodian of my soul.



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