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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

I don’t feel close to Allah anymore.

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3 hours ago, Isaam said:

Yea, and besides if he was a ‘false Prophet’ than it wouldn’t be fair for us to be held accountable, because he had the skills to be a Prophet from God. And besides it wouldn’t make sense for God to trick his servants

lolz brother, why would he be a false Prophet ? What the account says of him. Let alone him, let us talk about his disciple Imam Ali (عليه السلام), he was not known to have worshiped idols and when he was martyred, his own enemies said that after his death, the religion has lost its scholar.

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That’s because our leaders in every level whether in religion or personal work society are as lost as people feel but life goes on right. I wonder do people ever wonder why my life feels like wrong? Why does it feel wrong when I believe in Allah? I should feel good but I don’t........ 

When people feels like that’s because Allah puts that pressure on you so you can realise may be I mean just may be I am doing something wrong!!!!!! 

Allah created the human with tools that is built in such as your senses and best of all YOUR BRAIN. We can intellect and we can reason. 

We know if we do something wrong we feel bad.. 

but when we do something right we feel good. 

BUT when we don’t do the right thing when we are told it is wrong makes it WRONG. 


when we do something wrong and really deep down we feel good you wonder why!!! But it is wrong.. blah blah blah. 

Why waste words on it. Why not research and why not Ask Allah to guide you. 

I mean really Ask Allah to guide you.

ask him ALONE you see that’s the trick. Do not associate anything or any one with him. 

Guys you got to stop complaining and complicating things. Keeps things simple. 

Hope I gave my opinion.  


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15 hours ago, Subhan_Allah_Wa_Bihumdih said:

Seems like your proof was your feeling of Allah's closeness. Don't you know Allah is closer to you than your jugular vein? And that's inside your body. =/ Can you feel your jugular vein? No.

It's like that.

Fair point 

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