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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Difference in Tawaf Number

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why is it that while doing Umrah, the Sunnis do tawaf 7 times in the beginning only while the Shias do it 7 times in the beginning and then again 7 times at the end? 

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Ṭawāf (Arabic: الطواف) consists in seven turns of circumambulation around the Ka'ba, which is one of the obligatory rituals of Hajj and 'umra. Each turn of this circumambulation is called a "shawt". All kinds of Hajj and 'umra have two tawafs: tawaf al-ziyarah (tawaf of pilgrimage) and tawaf al-nisa' (tawaf of women), except 'umrat al-tamattu' that does not involve tawaf al-nisa'. When one does not wear ihram, they can also practice recommended tawafs. After each tawaf, two rak'as of prayers should be performed behind Maqam Ibrahim (a).

There is no tawaf al-nisa' in Sunni jurisprudence.

Tawaf al-Nisa

Main article: Tawaf al-Nisa'

Although tawaf al-nisa' is obligatory, the Hajj or 'umra will not be invalid by refraining from doing it. However, one would not be permitted to have enjoyment with his wife unless he (or his representative) practices tawaf al-nisa' and its prayer.

Tawaf al-nisa' and its prayer are the last actions in al-'umrat al-mufrada and the last actions of Mecca in Hajj. The tawaf is obligatory in Hajj or 'umra, after which one will be permitted to have enjoyment with his/her spouse -by ihram any sexual encounter between spouses becomes forbidden. Like temporary marriage, tawaf al-nisa' is specific to Shiites. Sunni Muslims do not recognize it in Hajj or 'umra.


Tawaf al-Wida' instead of Tawaf al-Nisa'

According to Shi'a faqihs tawaf al-wida' (farewell tawaf), which is performed when returning back from Mecca, is mustahab (recommended). Among Sunnis, Hanafisand Hanbalis hold the compulsion of tawaf al-wida' and Malikis say that it is mustahab. Al-Shafi'I, in one of his two fatwas, says that is wajib (compulsory).[12]

In some Shi'a hadiths, tawaf al-wida' from Sunnis is regarded as tawaf al-nisa' which lifts the prohibition of sexual activities with spouse.[13]


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