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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Austria bans Muslim girls from wearing headscarf

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2 hours ago, starlight said:

As there are born Christians,Hindus and zoroastrians and atheists in Muslim countries but how accepting would we be if they start protesting against for example same sex marriage laws or laws enforcing hijab? 

They are free to protest any laws they want, but being a minority (assuming without significant power), they are not likely to cause a change. Also, how many Islamic laws really directly affect them personally any more than another legal system? There may be a few public things, but people are usually free to whatever in privacy. Just like secular states, with different lines drawn.

2 hours ago, starlight said:

I get what you are saying and I don't entirely disagree with it. I am just trying to show the other side of the picture.Islamophobia will continue to rise and it would be naive to think the non Muslim countries will stop making these laws because of us protesting

These laws are promoted by certain factions of government and society (usually right wing), who only occupy a portion of influence (even if we concede it’s rising at the moment), but plenty of other factions oppose these laws. Also nothing stops Muslims from forming their own faction of influence as a countervailing force.

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13 hours ago, Guest Jaal said:

What a contrast. It must be so odd for sisters living in the West, seeing women with their hair out, face full of make up, clothes fitting very tightly and effectively free-mixing, dancing, and engaging in casual pre-marital sexual relationships with other women and men. It's just so at odds with the Islamic way of life, yet it is so common now among we are desensitised to it. 

In my city it's not really odd for the sisters, especially if they're born there, it's just the norm now. All through the education system it's all there (about 18 years of their lives) and everyone's exposed to it, there isn't really any escape, even after the education its still there although then you can avoid it (except if it's at your workplace) . So the sisters in my city just go with it, they don't do it themselves, but they will not think twice about someone who does do those things, because that's just they way it is now. 

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9 hours ago, starlight said:

What's the criteria for justice here?

9 hours ago, Mohammed-Mehdi said:

Where or what is meant by "here"?
And before we look into that question, do agree with my statement that you quoted there?



There are people from among the Muslims say Hijab makes no sense.You expect non Muslims to find a logic? 


Well, we can see logic being used all over the world in many different fields. From simple to complex levels. 

Non-Muslims are not one and the same. Many non-Muslims do respect Islamic practices. Many don't. 
And even if the Hijab would not make sense, then does that mean you can ban the practice of this religion, which "we the sensible ones" find to make no sense. A ban which would have serious consequences since it is not something they can delay until they are home for example.  

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