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In the Name of God بسم الله

I want to learn Arabic

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It’s better to join an institution. I know it’s expensive but it’s better. My sister is studying French for 2 years and now she is in level B. She understands French and she can talk as well. App will help you a little bit, you need to communicate with people who speaks Arabic so that it can be easier and you can learn properly without wasting time. 


But if you still want an app, check busuu.

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6 hours ago, Reza said:

I believe the video playlist I posted above covers the Madinah series. Not sure though.

Yes, it's that book series I think. There's also a series of videos on youtube accompanying the book that I think cover the book in its entirety. The issue is I think both of them were designed for the first edition which was 3 books but I think it's the same number of lessons in both editions they're just designed a bit differently with added dialogues I think in the second edition so you can use either series with the newer edition. I really recommend people use that second edition I link to in my post not the first one because its self contained within a single book as opposed to being spread across three different books; one textbook, one key, and whatever the third book was. 

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