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In the Name of God بسم الله

Can you be buried in the grave of another person ?

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I recently heard that a person can be buried in the grave of someone who has already died. Such as a Grandparent or Parent even. The only requirement I heard was that 40 years have to pass before someone else can be buried in that grave to allow for the body to fully decompose. Also, permission has to be had from the eldest son of the prior deceased I believe.

Has anyone ever heard of this? Is anyone aware of what the Jafari fiqh says about this?

I’m really curious as to this. I really wouldn’t mind being buried with my Grandfather when my time comes as per the will of Allah (as morbid as that may sound).

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In Iran after 30 years bas d on Jafari fiqh can be buried in place of other person but first close relatives as father & mother & brother & sister are in priority if one of them dies he/she can buried in grave of deceased person that buried 30 years ago.

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