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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Marjas rulings on stunning animals and inhumane slaughtering conditions

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What are Shia marja rulings regarding permissibility of stunning animals before slaughter and conditions in which they are kept in and transported?

I heard of a consensus of scholars that stunning animals before slaughtering them is accepted and not forbidden in Islam, provided it is not the cause of death.

Although I think these maybe be Sunni rulings. I am seeking Shia marjas rulings. 

Regardless of this, similarly under current United Kingdom law, animals must be killed by severance of the carotid arteries, not by the stun.  So in theory there is little dividing United Kingdom legislation and the most accepted halal slaughter methods in the United Kingdom.  Both require the animal to be calm and slaughtered by incision.

I am considering buying meat which is slaughtered and produced by one particularly good halal farm in the United Kingdom because they produce good quality succulent British meat.

However they do not seek halal certification offered by halal monitoring bodies in the United Kingdom such as HMC and the HFA.

This particular good farm stuns all their animals with a minimum stun which does not kill or cause any lasting damage to the animals, before they slaughter them on their farm individually and by hand. Their slaughter man also offers additional prayer of gratitude for the animal.

They say their stunning is more humane compared to the slaughtering practices of other slaughter houses in the United Kingdom where animals are agitated and stressed by the process and suffer considerable suffering.

They say such slaughtering without pacifying animals could be considered haram.

This farm does not seek halal certification because these monitoring bodies do not look at the animal's life, which means an animal can be raised in appalling factory conditions but still get halal certification.

Also HMC and the HFA do not stipulate requirements to mitigate the litany of welfare abuses during the transportation and mass slaughter of the animals and they approve large scale processes at slaughter houses (including mechanical slaughter in the case of the HFA).

For their lamb and beef this farm uses a small local halal slaughter house where it personally monitors the stunning practices on their lambs and beef. They are satisfied that a minimum stun is used before slaughter and the bleed out is immediate and full. They have known the slaughter man for a number of years and are satisfied that the process is conducted responsibly.

So would any aspect of this particular good halal farm’s stunning and slaughtering practices, even though humane, make the meat haram to consume? Can inhumane conditions and distress caused to animals as done by other slaughter houses effect a marjas ruling?

Jazakalah :eat:


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