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In the Name of God بسم الله

50+ Killed and Over 20 seriously injured after 2 mosques were attacked in Christchurch

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First thing first from what I have to say.

May Allah grant the 50+ victims the status of "Martyr" and be remembered as such. I've made duas to the victims and their respective families ever since the incident was informed by my family members a day ago.

Now with that out of the way, let's get down to business with what I have to say about this event and what I came to understand.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not defending the "Shooter", but stating out an important reason why this event occurred and for what reason. Even still, Two wrongs don't make it right in the end and this "Shooter" should be branded as a "Terrorist" just as much as Salafi and Wahabbi Muslims out there and deserve to be given the death penalty.

In the meantime, this "Shooter" as I put that term loosely, was a Neo-Nazi anti-Islamic memer who wanted to start a massive Civil War upon the US and probably the entirety of Europe for them to revolt and overthrow Muslims out of their countries so that "Islamic Terrorism" doesn't occur. He heartlessly massacred 50+ Muslims at New Zealand for the LOLZ and piss all over the media for not covering up the atrocities of what Muslims (Possibly from Sunni Islam since Sunnis make up 90% of the Muslim Ummah) are doing in their countries such as Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt against the minorities over there.

For this "Shooter" to be considered Insane according to the News, he had reasonable motives and careful planning when observing his manifesto.

So please don't let the media even glorify this "Shooter". Don't brand him Insane either. Just give him the death penalty with no court trial.

I've read something interesting from other websites throughout the internet where some internet people are going out of their way to find embarrassing things and stuff to ridicule/de-glorify this "Shooter". As if that's going to help anyone other than hurting the "Shooter"'s infamous image and possibly his feelings.

I'm sorry if anyone takes offense into reading this post, but I have to let it out of my chest since I cannot begin to process what has just happened and I have to understand what just happened. In the meantime, I'll soon make another post commemorating the victims and see what could I find about them so they be remembered.

Perhaps this is a sign for things to come since the Wahabbi and Salafi sect of Sunni Islam have the utmost power to commit atrocities under the name of Islam.

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Who is Candace Owens, the woman who 'inspired' the Christchurch terrorist?

  • 2 DAYS AGO

Candace Owens is a controversial political activist in the US. But this time her reputation has gained a new level of notoriety as the Christchurch attacker claims Owens inspired him to commit a massacre in New Zealand.


Candace Owens, center, listens as President Donald Trump speaks at the 2018 Young Black Leadership Summit in the East Room of the White House, Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, in Washington. (AP Archive)

“The person who has influenced me above all is Candace Owens. Each time she spoke I was stunned by her insights and her own views helped me push further and further into the belief of violence over meekness,” Brenton Tarrant wrote in a “manifesto” he published on Facebook before committing a massacre against Muslims.


“We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe— without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within decades” -Muammar Gaddafi, 1975

A Trump balloon won’t save the United Kingdom.

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) July 7, 2018

We played the “Candace is Hitler” game.
We played the “Candace is anti-rape victims” game.

If the media attempts this “Candace inspired a mosque shooting in New Zealand” bit—they better all lawyer the [Edited Out] up. 
I will go full Covington Catholic lawsuit.

Try me.

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) March 15, 2019








12:50 p.m. ET, March 16, 2019

Shooting suspect visited Pakistan in 2018

From CNN’s Sophia Saifi

A hotel owner confirmed to CNN that Christchurch shooting suspect Brenton Tarrant visited Pakistan in October 2018.

"He was a regular tourist," owner Syed Israr Ahmed told CNN. "All I remember was that he was a fan of local food. He would leave the hotel in the morning and come back in the evenings." 

Ahmed owns Osho Thang Hotel in Pakistan's northern town of Nagar. He posted a picture of Tarrant online when he visited the hotel but has since removed it.

Six Pakistanis were among the 49 people killed in the mass shooting on Friday, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry confirmed.


Far-right Italian official: Only extremism that 'deserves attention' is Islamic

From CNN’s Vasco Cotovio



Italy's Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini was asked whether attacks like the one in New Zealand could happen in his home country because of his aggressive, anti-immigrant rhetoric.

"The only extremism that deserves attention is the Islamic one," Salvini said on Friday.

The far-right politician added that while any violence linked to extremists should be condemned, other forms of extremism like the right-wing extremism that inspired the New Zealand attacks were just "nostalgia."

“The fringes of the extreme right and the extreme left represent nostalgia, removed from world and from time, deserving of moral condemnation,” Salvini said. “If there is an extremism for which I set the goals of the acts I sign at the Ministry of the Interior, it is extremism of an Islamic mould."

Salvini has clashed with the European Union over his extreme stance on immigration.

9:10 a.m. ET, March 16, 2019

Synagogues close in New Zealand on "police advice"


Synagogues and Jewish community centers in New Zealand are reportedly being closed on Sunday, following Friday's shooting attack at two mosques in Christchurch.

"For the first time in history synagogues in NZ are closed on Shabbat following the shocking massacre of Muslims in Christchurch," Israeli politician Isaac Herzog tweeted Friday.

Herzog added that "the Jewish Agency and the NZ Jewish Council stand in solidarity with the bereaved families. We are united in fighting violent hatred and racism." Herzog was recently elected chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel.



For the first time in history synagogues in NZ are closed on Shabbat following the shocking massacre of Muslims in Christchurch. The Jewish Agency and the NZ Jewish Council stand in solidarity with the bereaved families. We are united in fighting violent hatred and racism.


The Wellington Jewish Community Centre on New Zealand's North Island informed worshipers that on Facebook that the center would be closed on "police advice."

"The Wellington Jewish Community Centre will be closed and all activities suspended tomorrow Sunday 17 March on Police advice. Community members should check their email and our member Facebook group for more information and updates. We hope to have an update Sunday," the center wrote.

8:10 a.m. ET, March 16, 2019

Events cancelled as New Zealand sport responds to tragedy


Canterbury Bulldogs players observe a moment of silence before their Rugby League match in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday.


Few countries are more closely associated with sport than New Zealand - but sporting events are taking a back seat this weekend after Friday's terror attack.

A cricket test match between New Zealand and Bangladesh, due to be held in Christchurch's Hagley Oval on Saturday, was cancelled. Bangladesh players had been staying in a hotel in the city when the attacks took place, but the team confirmed all players were safe.


1:34 p.m. ET, March 16, 2019

Survivor posts video from hospital bed


Wasseim Alsati, who survived the Christchurch terror attack, posted a Facebook video from his hospital bed on Friday thanking people for their support.

In the caption, Alsati says he was shot three times and "was in a lot of pain."

Watch here:




Here's what he said:

Hi guys, how are you? I'm very sorry to miss your calls and text messages. I will not be able to answer anyone for now. I am really tired. Okay, guys? Please pray for my son, for me and for my daughter. Hopefully she will be so much better. Okay? I'm just posting this video to show you that I am fully okay. Okay, guys? It's been a pleasure to know you all, guys. Thank you for all the support and all the help that you have given me so far. God bless you all.



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May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) bless this young lad and guide him to the true path.

This is the same boy who egged Australian politician Fraser Anning after his comments about Muslim Immigrants being the cause of the Christchurch shooting. His gofundme page (created by a fellow supporter) raised around £34,000 so far and “Eggboy” has decided to donate most of the money to the victims of the Christchurch shooting. :) 

https://www.independent.co.United Kingdom/news/world/australasia/egg-boy-fraser-anning-gofundme-donate-new-zealand-christchurch-attack-a8827696.html?amp

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I have to say the one good thing that's come out of this is to see just how warm, compassionate and supportive the people of NZ are. Props to their leadership as well, this is what is really needed in a world full of conflict, division and hatred. 

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1 hour ago, bosnian said:

Are they Shia or Sunni? those killed?

They are Sunni , the Shia center in Auckland  stayed safe from attack .

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1 hour ago, bosnian said:

Are they Shia or Sunni? those killed?

Shia, Sunni, Christians etc it shouldn't matter, the people of New Zealand whether they were Christians or from other faiths, have come together and shown they are  untied, unlike we Muslims who are continually sowing the seeds of discord.

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ex FBI officer tweet 

158adc5385d9665a9689f7bc00db9759_364.jpg http://fa.abna24.com/news/اقیانوسیه/خبر_749183.html  

Statement of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly in condemnation of terrorist attacks in New Zealand

http://en.abna24.com/news//statement-of-Ahlul Bayt-world-assembly-in-condemnation-of-terrorist-attacks-in-new-zealand_933654.html

March 18, 2019 - 6:39 PM News Code : 933654 Source : ABNA24Link: 
Statement of Ahlulbayt World Assembly in condemnation of terrorist attacks in New Zealand

Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA): Ahlul Bayt World Assembly has issued a statement on condemnation of terrorist attacks in New Zealand. 

The full text of the Assembly’s statement is as follows: 


Statement of the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly on Condemnation of Terrorist Attacks in New Zealand 

Almighty God - in a divine hadith – says: "Mosques are My houses on the Earth! Blessed are those who purify themselves at home and visit Me in My house! Surely, it is incumbent upon the Host to honor His guests." 

To our deep sorrow and regret, once again the Houses of God were desecrated and dozens of innocent and defenseless Muslims who had gathered for congregational prayers at two mosques in New Zealand became the victims of cowardly terrorist attacks. 

This is not the first time that believers in mosques are burning in the devil's fire. Racist Islamophobists and Takfiri terrorists are the two edges of the same sword exploited by arrogant powers and colonialists led by the criminal gang of the United States, Zionists, and reactionary Arab governments in the region to threaten the security of the world. 

These extremist measures against Muslims and immigrants in countries that are known for religious tolerance are signs of grudge and hatred by the United States and its followers; something that is against explicit Islamic tenets such as freedom of conscience, security of citizens, respecting holy places of worship, interreligious dialogue, and peaceful coexistence among people. 

The Ahlul Bayt World Assembly as an international organization, with hundreds of elite members from various countries including New Zealand, condemns this brutal act, and urges the government of New Zealand and its judicial and security authorities to: 

1. Take immediate and fair steps to arrest and punish the perpetrators and facilitators of this catastrophe; 

2. Prevent the repetition of similar attacks in future by prohibiting activities regarding Islamophobia and racism in that country. 

The Ahlul Bayt World Assembly also calls on international and human rights organizations to adopt serious political, legal and cultural measures to prevent the violence and bloodshed of hardliners and fanatics worldwide. 

The members of the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, while expressing their sympathy and solidarity with the survivors of this crime, pray to Almighty God to bless the souls of the innocent guests of God, and to restore the health of the injured ones. 

"And the wrongdoers will soon know at what final place will end up" {Shoara-227} 

The Ahlul Bayt World Assembly 


Trump refused to mention "Muslims" in his tweet about NewZealand massacre


Trump: They're trying to blame me for New Zealand's attack
Shafaqa, the president of the United States, in an effort to justify his radical stance: "They are trying to blame me for New Zealand's attack."According to the Mehr News Agency, Donald Trump, the US president, yesterday in a Twitter message about the recent crime in New Zealand, was trying to hide his radical stance against Muslims.The president of the United States wrote: Fake media are struggling to blame me for the terrible New Zealand strike. To succeed in doing this, they must work hard. Stupid.
it can say in 2-days ago terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, 50 people were killed and dozens were injured.The United Nations has stated that the attack on two mosques in New Zealand has been a terrorist, racist, and Islamophobic.


Untitled-67.jpg?x68401 https://fa.shafaqna.com/news/722573/

Edited by Ashvazdanghe

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14 hours ago, bosnian said:

Are they Shia or Sunni? those killed?

That question did pop up in my mind today actually. 

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Release Date: March 27, 1397 | Hours: 17:49 | Code News: 723640 | print

The shocking and painful narrative of the Imams of the two New Zealand mosques from the terrorist attack on Friday


Effortlessly, only about five  minutes from speech of Jamal Foodeh, the Imam of the Noor mosque of New Zeland in front of a crowd of about 200 worshipers that sound of Shooting raised.

Jamal Foodeh , in his first interview after the terrorist attack on the Noor Mosque last Friday, told the American newspaper "Harald Tribune," said after the high screams I asked about the source of the sounds, and I thought that it was hilariously either on the part of the youth who was playing around the mosque or that the sound system of the mosque was in trouble?

"But as soon as another bullet fired, and before the glass was broken, a Algerian man shouted and said that the sound was shooting," he added.

Foodeh added, "The bullets were shot one after the other by a person wearing hats, glasses and military uniforms, and a semi-automatic weapon." Most of the worshipers ran towards the great tail made in the glass, but the killer stood and targeted them, so few of the prayers standing on the right were killed, while on the left more than one of them After another, they were killed and fell to each other.

Imam of Noor mosque pointed out: The gunman shot and fired at the worshipers who were fleeing, and any  sound from each side.

Gunman's brutality and barbarism

Foodwh added, referring to the brutality and barbarism of the gunman, as follows: "He was watching the people calmly and then shot without stopping."

He added: "The worshipers suffered from suffocation because of the smoke and bullets that were fired at them, and were unable to breathe. We were not sure that he was gone because when he was not shooting, the silence was all over the place of the mosque. We thought he was hiding somewhere and waiting to kill other people. We could not see the killer at that time, and Al-Hamdullah did not know where we were, but returned again and shot to those who were hiding and thought they would not return again. We did not know he was coming back. "

The Imam of the mosque, Nour, reminded: The assassin after returned shot the dead bodies, which collapsed after the return, but many of those fleeing were hiding in the back door of the mosque, and others fled from the wall.

He once again pointed to the murderer's savagery and continued, "I saw a man who was calling 111 and asking for help but he killed him."

He pointed out that during the shooting, which resulted in the death of 43 people, along with several others was hiding in the main room of the mosque, added: "The killer did not know that women were in a separate room, so they were safe, but Some of them who escaped were killed.

Imam of the mosque of Noor, pointing out that he does not believe he is still alive, stated: "The killer, when he left for the last time the mosque, went to the car quickly to go to the mosque of linwood, in which seven worshipers were killed ... One Witnesses of the incident, an Iraqi man, said that the armed assassin left the mosque after he was certain no one was released from his shooting, and after leaving the mosque, the people who had been saved came out.

Massacre of worshipers in other mosques

Sheikh Foodeh, an Egyptian, along with Albi Latif zir-Allah, who is also an Imam of the congregation, talked about the terrorist attack on the other mosque in Linwood.

Zir Allah, in the conversation, there were about 80 people inside the mosque in Linwood, where the assassin started out off  the mosque and started shootin at 1:55 min with a shot at a man and his wife.

Zir Allah pointed out that the killer was outside the mosque, he reminded: "When I saw the shooting of the man and the woman, I quickly rushed to the  the other Muslims to tell them and told them to hurry ... Hurry ... someone outside the mosque is shooting our brothers. But unfortunately, nobody noticed that the killer came and shot one of them from the window, which was killed in time. The window that broke all became clear. Zir Allah and his friend, Abdul Aziz, who had a pose card reader, ran out and went to the killer that was moving to his car to take another pistol, while Abdul Aziz threw the pose card reader to the killer. Zir Allah went to the mosque to closes the main mosque door.

After Abdul Aziz throw the pose card reader to the assassin, the gunman fired at Abdul Aziz.Abdul Aziz, meanwhile, took another gun of killer gun that was thrown on the floor, but after Shoting realized that it was empty.

Referring to  Abdul Aziz also had two children aged 11 years and 5 years old, the Imam said, "The killer went to his car again to bring another weapon. When he arrived in the car, Abdul Aziz attacked him with an empty gun and crushed glass of the car. The killer was very scared and quickly escaped.

Abdul Aziz himself has said that the murderer, when he broke his glass of car, scolded him and threatened to kill everyone and then fled to his car immediately. Video clips released on this issue indicate that police forces were able to capture him after deflecting car of killer 

Zir Allah returned to his remarks about trying to save others' life, pointing out that he immediately contacted the emergency forces, he stated: "I was preparing myself for death to save my people." I felt fraternal to them. I would not leave them even if I was killed.

Undoubtedly, Zir Allah and Abdul Aziz suffered a severe shock after an incident that killed 50 people and wounded dozens of others. They speak with a strong anger about the murderer and say that he deserves most punishable action.

At the end of the interview, Jamal Foodeh, the Imam of the mosque at Nour Mosque, said: "Those who died were going to a better place. They went to a world that is much better than the world of oppression. The incident on Friday was a war on Islam, and I consider it a war against all New Zealandeans.

See original article at Erem News





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21 hours ago, bosnian said:

Are they Shia or Sunni? those killed?

Does it really matter at this point? 

Regardless of whether they were Sunni or Shi'a, they were still our Brothers and Sisters in Islam, if not in Humanity.

Not sure if you guys talked about this but look at the way the PM of NZ was when she met with the families of the victims. If only other World Leaders acted like this. Granted NZ is a smaller country no not heavily populated but still...the layer of humanity is something that has been lost on politicians these days.

Edited by Akbar673

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Soufan's claim that 73% of all terrorist killings were done by right-wing groups is wrong.

He is taking that statistic from a 2017 Government Accountability (GAO) study that concluded that since 2001 (convenient start date), 73% of "violent extremist incidents" (not just killings, but things like fist fights, assaults, vandalism, etc.) were the work of "right-wing extremist groups"

That study is, in turn, completely wrong, since many of the mass killings did not involve right-wing groups. The 2017 Las Vegas shootings were not done by a member of a right-wing group. The guy was simply a madman.

There have been numerous attacks done by Islamic extremists within this time frame (Orlando, San Bernadino, etc.) 

If we expand the scope of terrorism to include other nations, we will find that Islamic attacks outnumber right-wing by 1000-1.

Are radical right-wingers a problem? Sure. Dangerous? Could be.

But let's not spread false information. 

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22 minutes ago, Silas said:

Are radical right-wingers a problem? Sure. Dangerous? Could be.

There's a lot of talk about how the Right Wing Extremists are going to be the new menace. Apparently, they are becoming as big a network as Al Qaeda. They're coordinated and weaponized is the word going around.

However, I will say that this new menace is a reaction to the original Wahabbi/Salafi terror networks. Did they actually think that the West wouldn't respond at some point?

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White supremacy is even affecting the military, which I guess isn't all that surprising, and police forces; https://taskandpurpose.com/military-white-nationlist-groups-charlottesvillehttps://splinternews.com/virginia-school-cop-suspended-after-allegations-of-acti-1833409464. These are just cases they've found. 

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Every type & form of racism is not acccepted but current reaction toward white supermacism looks like a bit fishy for me.

Edited by Ashvazdanghe

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56 minutes ago, Ashvazdanghe said:

Every type & form of racism is not acccepted but current reaction toward white supermacism looks like a bit fishy for me.

What do you mean by fishy? 

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