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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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American plan about "Golan Moutains" a threat for "Syrian Integrity"

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In October last year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement on Syrian "Golan Mountains" and said that "Golan Mountains" have strategic significance for Israel. Therefore, the said heights should be considered as integral part of Israel instead of being considered as an occupied part of Israel.

In December 2018 a draft resolution was presented in the US Senate and it is now going to be held in the beginning of the year 2019. It has been said that Israel's autonomy should be acknowledged on the "Golan Heights". Bill is presented in the Senate by Ted Cruise. He tried to become the Republican party candidate in presidential elections in 2016, but he lost in the initial phase compared to the Donald Trump, but his name still remains in the US presidential election in 2020 and is included in the list of potential candidates in the Republican Party. If the Donald Trump's difference in the popularity and this is possible, then the prospects of becoming Ted Cruise's presidential candidate are bright.

Another senator also wrote a letter to the proposed resolution, while the other public representatives of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are also trying to sign it so that it can be proposed national bills, gaining a broad consensus. Can the majority of the opinions be accepted by the opinion as "the guarantee of Israel's security can only be given to the "Golan Heights". This draft resolution also states that " Israel's security is part of the national security of the US".

It should also be auspicious that after the statement of the US government official Benjamin Netanyahu already has indicated that America can recognize Israel's sovereignty on the "Golan Heights".

In this context, we face a very dangerous situation in Syria's case. In future, any dialogue should be comprehensive and in all aspects of protection of regional autonomy and regional integrity.

Iran and Turkey are demanding respite from the evening and its independence, but the plans and steps of separating shells from Golan are being quieted. It is not only a political mistake that will be harmful for the dispute of any dispute resolution, but it will also create a great political chaos and athletes in Syria, region and especially in the Arab world. In fact, the Arab "Jacobs What is the attitude of '' because they are of different ideas related to the future of the Arab world, but in my opinion, such people are in minority and politically it will not be wise to bring them even for it.

That is why I expect that the arguments of the proposed resolution will be based on the belief that any countries will not be affected or disturbed because "Arab world suffers" and that they It has been ensured that there will be no more protests from here or from there or no diplomatic measures will be taken, but statements will be issued only to the vacant house only.

The time now is my opinion that someone should be lubricated or at least a solid basis. The doctor has already left behind this matter and we have completely forgotten the justification.

First of all, I want to say the Syrian government in its difficult circumstances that it should not be afraid of trying to protect its regional integrity and sovereignty, despite this serious challenge. He should immediately approach the United Nations Security Council and request his support for the Golan peaks being a occupied territory. It also stressed that Israel did not demand a withdrawal from the tops of Israel. It is being said that the current legal status of being a occupied area, and the security council's earlier claims are said to have been said about it.

I demand from the Arab states that they support Syria, but encourage them to cooperate with the United Arab Emirates on a joint consolidation council. In this context, any move to Syria is more important than the return of its Arab League. But rather it will be a strong introduction to its return. I demand from all Arab countries to speed up the efforts of their collective responsibilities, to stimulate the efforts of all Arab countries. High-level embassies in all Arab countries of Washington are present. He talks with Senate members and its experts and establish a strong lobby for the defense of regional integrity. This will also help restore the reputation of political influence in the Arab countries of their host countries. The American move is absolutely illegal, and its acceptable justification is not that we should remain silent on it.

In Arab countries, there are lobby agencies in Washington, I also demand them to protect their interests and help the Arab embassies. Keeping the peak peaks with them is in the strategic interests of the Arab world. If we succeed, then our reputation and credibility will be restored and will benefit from it. We face an open injustice and wrong attitude, we must correct it before we can take it to reality. We have to rise, otherwise we will have to repeat and its worth


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