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How To: Assimilation of Reverts into our Communities (Discussion 2019, Week 5)

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I think there is a lots of self bashing here, if I dare to say that.

The area where I live is very active in Shia activities. I’ve seldom seen a returning revert, but whenever one shows up, I’ve seen nothing but welcomes, hand shakes, conversations, invitations to come again, and so on.

I have personally seen Pakistani and Indian Shia communities to be the most acceptable and inviting to the reverts, probably because most of them are very comfortable with English and are already coming from way more diverse cultures that the West could ever be (there are more than hundred different languages spoken in India and Pakistan). 

There obviously is a human dimension to it too, but if you have two introverts meet, things would never go far. So it’s not like reverts are systematically rejected, it’s just some are way too shy or meet way too shy people.

Solution: Reverts should boldly and openly come to the masajid and institutions of Shia Muslims, realising that Islam is still infant in the West, so most people they would meet of their new faith would be different in skin colour, food, attires, and their general ways of life. Reverts should remain persistent, and may be demand people to speak English so they be the part of the group. 

It’s standard ‘break the ice’ thing that revert ought to do. But they should never hide, be discouraged, or shy away. We afterall are their new family. 



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