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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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Aslam Alaikum brothers and sisters,

As much as I dislike getting into these kinds of topics. I touched a persistent need to bring this to the table to clear things up for myself and for others that may have the same question as well. I've always been wondering about this since I first went to Iraq on Feb 2017. However, let me begin by introducing myself just to give you an idea of the gravity of this situation. I'm Iranian who was born and brought up in the state of Kuwait although it might suffer from the same issues other countries have in that region in my eyes it is a wonderful country just like Iraq, Iran, Britain and the rest of the world. Given that I had lived there, particularly, in my childhood before we move to England, hence, I speak Arabic in Kuwaiti dialect! 

So, on Feb 2017 my grandmother and I decided to go for ziyarat and so we did along with my sister and brother in law to Karbala, Najaf and Baghdad! it was really beyond what words can describe it made us grow spiritually! I wish that I could just stay there forever. Anyway, me being in Iraq made it obvious that I should make use of my language I never thought that this would cause me any problems! initially I didn't feel anything till the day when we went shopping in Najaf and I was translating to Arabic for my grandmother who only speaks Farsi, a man went off on me and started shouting and cursing me saying things about a port I couldn't understand at the time as my Arabic isn't that good either. What I did find out later that he was talking about a port that Iraq and Kuwait have a dispute over. What I couldn't understand is how this relates to me as I don't even live there? Honestly, I came across many that were extremely respectful and kind not only on our trip also in England everyday. However, this incident as well as other comments I found on this forum which I dunno how to comprehend like "Kuwait = Iraq anyway" that made me feel a bit insecure towards our Iraqi brothers and avoid speaking in Arabic as much as possible even at the masjid! Therefore my question is, is there enmity between Iraqi Kuwaiti people? 

If there is then why religion isn't helping here? What about social justice? Is it reasonable to develop hostility against each other and at the same time claim to love and follow a man who was utterly compassionate and cried even for his murderers! What's even worse is that we have given everything a religious touch therefore comes responsibility to own up to our claims otherwise why act religious? And the same goes for all other issues particularly in the tagleed field which many, but not all, have got wrong :(

Before I conclude here I would like to set clear that I'm not arguing against/for. Personally, I don't even ask people where they're from? I find it pointless some times. This is just a thing I got caught up in and would like to hear some more opinions about.

Thanks a lot for reading this and feel free to express yourself and your ideas :)

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