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Regarding Immunization and TB Shots

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32 minutes ago, WisdomAndAnswers said:

But brother you are also getting off topic here, I’m not trying to be rude. I specifically asked for answers on my topic. You are leading it to a different direction when I have not asked for it. Obviously the things you mentioned will eventually lead to other related issues such as the Black Plague that you just mentioned. 

I was going to mention it in my thread that I don’t want anyone to reply if they are going to go against what I said because it will just go into a different direction. That’s natural as we are human human beings.

I will never agree with you, I am firm with my beliefs and so are you. I respect that. 

I believe living a humble life without all this vaccinnations that messes up our body and mind. If vaccinations are so great, why are people not protected from getting cancers? Why is depression at a rise? Maybe it’s linked to these vaccinations, linked to what we eat and what we use in our daily lives. 

I can’t change what you think and you can’t change what I think. Let’s leave it at that and respect both sides.

I wish you the best, God bless.


That’s a huuugggeee maybe on your part.

vaccines act similar to your own immune system. Is your mothers breast milk also bad? Since it’s foreign? And not to dissimilar to a vaccine? 

I just don’t get where your fear is coming from. It’s fact people live longer now. Which is seen as a positive. But of course there are always negatives to positives.

However people eat worse now, and the world is more industrialized and the earth is paying for it, so there is also a maajjjoorr shift in our environment, that’s the actual major issue. Organic vs non organic isn’t the issue. I argue halal vs haram is an issue. Vaccines are to prevent unnecessary death and pain. if it were not for them infant mortality would be a big issue, especially in more diverse countries. 

You’re right on animal tissue being used, how about more Muslim scientists come up with more halal vaccines? But we have to use what we have now. There’s even good vegan and vegetarian options, so it’s  not completely limited. Most vaccines use bacterial vectors also, so that’s not a problem

But you’re are a risk to society if you aren’t vaccinated

And most countries require it by law, we as Muslims have to follow the law in that regard, it doesn’t impede on our faith becuase it’s for the greater good

i understand your fear, but it’s not really justifiable 

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1 hour ago, Reza said:

I answered your question. I said it was deceptive, ineffective, and dangerous. I just didn’t give you the answer you wanted to hear.

The responsibility is on you to read the science. If you infect somebody else because you don’t get vaccinated, despite all the evidence, you can’t claim ignorance, then you will be liable on the Day of Judgment for harming another human being without their consent, due to stubbornness.

Do you have any scientific or medical education? These questions can be Googled in one minute, and you make it sound like these are profound questions of the universe nobody knows.

Vaccines are for infectious diseases (bacteria, viruses, etc). Vaccines aren’t involved in cancers or mental illness except for the few cases an infectious element is associated (like cervical cancer).

What evidence do you have it “messes up the body and mind”. Bring your sources instead of mouthing off.

The side of sanity doesn’t respect the side of insanity. Your views are dangerous, and can cause undue stress and harm to people, and I’ll call it out every time. 

Its one thing to harm yourself, but unvaccinated people harm others, and they shouldn’t suffer because of you. 

I agree, I’m starting to look at a differently now. Maybe my thoughts about it can be changed. It is deceptive to clean the vaccinations out of my system. There probably isn’t any way to do that in the first place.

No one should never defy the law. If the law tells us to do it, we should. We are living in their country, so why go against their rules. 

I’ll just follow through the procedure and inshallah all goes well.

God bless

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WHO declares anti-vax movement a global health threat in 2019

"Vaccine hesitancy" is listed among air pollution, Ebola and HIV as one of the biggest threats to health this year

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