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Before creation there was no truth, or untruth
no universe, not even the sky
Where was it hidden, who hid it ?
At that time there was no water
who is the creator ?
Who stays up there in the sky.
who is in charge
He truly must know everything, and maybe not!
no one knows..no one knows.
he is the lord of all life.
the one who is there over land and sky
who is this god who we pray to ?
He whose strength the sky is held up with.
and the earth lies green and stable
the heavens and the sun stay stable.
who is this god who we pray to ?
In whose womb lies fire
who controls here, there and everywhere
who gives rise to life
who is this god who we pray to ?
creator of creation, the heavens and who looked after our ancestors.
who keeps the truth, justice and the essence of life.
whose hands seem to stretch over all there is.
this is the god who we pray to.
this is the god who we pray to.

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