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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Thoughts 2019

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Thank you to all for your duas, my cousin passed away after a long illness. 

Please everyone, if you can, make some duas for my mother-in-law. The doctors have never figured out what has been making her ill for months, but she wants to have the machines removed, and without th

Not off to a good start here. New years day I spoke to my son. He's in hospital, terminal cancer, won't make his 38th birthday. Flying across the country, will see him Friday. They are keeping him unt

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Guest Reflection

As this month cleanses us, let us remember that the way we would like Allah to overlook out shortcomings, we need to do that to our fellow brothers and sisters in Islam. One important reminder is not to spread rumours about one another, particularly when we don't know the full story and reality is actually very different - who knows whom we will unwittingly hurt. Be this online, between family disputes, there are always two sides to a story, and far more to things than you might think. One of the signs of wisdom I hear from elders on this site, and my own parents whenever someone comes to testify something is: "Let us hear from the other party directly, there are often always two sides".  The things I have heard about people on site this, in my real life, and family members which when I investigated and discussed with them in person I found to be a distorted version of reality, has made me extremely careful and critical with how I process information. 

As we try to purify our own intentions, let us ward away from judging the intentions of the other. If we have doubt, we ought to ask an individual directly and then refer the matter to Allah, our creator.

As we gather with our families, many here have been ostracised from their own families, have lost family, and so if we are blessed with family, let us ward away suspicion, drama, bad blood, and open the doors of reconciliation. We make mistakes, sometimes we falsely accuse, and sometimes we wrongly judge, whilst perhaps not intending to harm and hurt. It takes a very big person to admit they have been wrong about somebody.

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39 minutes ago, Ali~J said:

My first time too! 

First time doing the Shia way. Was longer as each takbir had a long supplication in each qunut. 

How I used to do it was like 7 takbirs in first rakat and 5 in second, but no qunut/dua in them.

Does anyone know any Shia narrations on salatul eid? Is the qunuts wajib or mustahab? (as in regular salah)

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10 minutes ago, Propaganda_of_the_Deed said:

Is the qunuts wajib or mustahab? (as in regular salah

As I know Qunut is mustahab 

This video is in Arabic but shows practically simplest way of Eid prayer


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Guest Heinz
11 hours ago, Propaganda_of_the_Deed said:


It doesn't help Akhi. I have a very, very extensive Sunni network ), and these fairly recent cultural behaviours that are Azadari subculture, especially when they get those chains out in Iraqi centres, or start violently smashing their chests red-raw are have nothing to do with Imam al-Hussain and totally hijack his message.

The overwhelming message I get from Sunnis is: these rituals hijack their understanding, the people doing it throw Imam Hussain off the spotlight and make themselves the centre of attention by fairly extreme attention-grabbing behaviours we also find among Christians in South America. 

One thing I have noticed those Salafi Youtubers absolutely loving is the type of Shias that claim Tatbir, extreme-chest beating (red raw), using chains are part of Shia Islam. They hate the type of Shias who advise caution about these recently innovated culture acts, because they can't weaponise our words or our actions. 

I decided a long time ago that if I really believed in God, and was serious about Islam, I would be absolutely and brutally honest about how I felt, and tried to maturely put across my objections, irrespective of whether I would be abused by Shia and non-Shia alike. It is a price one has to pay, but I can look myself in the mirror with a clean conscience. Religion isn't some fairly tale for me, or a cultural cult-like thing I adhere onto, this is the truth. 

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48 minutes ago, Nevsevug said:

Some guy’s reply lol

When I was a Shia, this and much more stuff made me a Sunni Alhamdulillah

So we can't be human and express our grief to the tragic catastrophes and martyrdom of the greatest and most blessed people who ever walked this Earth?

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Dear woman who is popular among men! You can never get approval of men without betraying your own gender. If you are trying to be my friend, that means you are on a mission appointed by men to fix me and make me more like you. I can tell you, so many women like you have tried before and they have all failed. It's ridiculous that you are so high on your power that you actually think you deserve to be a role model for me. I embrace all my womanly qualities and I won't change them for the convenience of men. I will always have haya, I will always prefer love over lust and I will always remain emotional and sensitive, no matter how much I get hurt or how many times I get my heart broken. If I have a problem with another woman, I won't be able to solve it by getting into a physical fight and then forgetting about it. I will never be able to use and manipulate others. I will never be able to move from one relationship to another relationship quickly and I will always carry emotional baggage from my past. I will never become sadistic like you, accepting pain as part of life and getting pleasure from other people's pain. Allah created both men and women because they each had qualities which were suitable for their roles. Allah never intended women to become like men or "think like men". So while you are getting too much respect from men, I don't respect you and I will never respect you as long as you keep betraying your own gender.

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