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In the Name of God بسم الله

Why Shirk?

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On 12/29/2018 at 2:33 PM, Goswami said:

Salam to all honorable members. I have asked this question on sundry forums but I have never received any satisfactory response or you can say an eloquent response. The question is , what is the wisdom or philosophy behind shirk being the worst crime imaginable? I mean there are several other heinous crimes which appear far more grotesque than shirk but still according to Islam shirk is the worst crime in the eyes of Allah. Why it is that so? Let us consider a hypothetical scenario, there is a person who believes in an anthropomorphic deity but at the same time he is a great philanthropist. Now there is another person whose concept of tawheed is immaculately aligned with the teachings of tashayyu but at the same time he is a murderer. Now , according to Islamic principles it is the former person who is the worst criminal in the court of Allah not the latter one. I am unable to decipher the wisdom behind this scenario. I will appreciate inputs from members. Thanking you in advance. I hope I will receive the best answer from this forum as it has never disappointed me ever. Jazak Allah.

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Shirk is dangerous because it shifts the framework within which one operates, every day, every hour, every minute. 

Allah is الحق، The Truth. Tawheed is the framework that is founded upon this truth. 

Shirk, on the other hand, is founded upon the notion of the multiplicity of truths. In this framework there not one الحق، there are two, few, or many. 

Consequently, any action within the framework of shirk is fueled and imbued with the wrong intention and for the sake of other than الحق. And since each action is evaluated based on the intention behind it, every action outside of the framework of Tawheed is unacceptable by Allah, since it's done for other than Allah, or for not Allah alone.

If an action is not done for the sake of Allah alone, then it's not accepted by Allah. A philanthropist in the framework of shirk is building a house of dirt on a rock that can easily be blown away by wind. 

On the other hand, a murderer, who acknowledges the oneness of God, following repentance and atonement, either in this world or the next, can be forgiven. 

This is how I understand it.

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9 hours ago, Qa'im said:

Wa alaykum assalam sir. Allah does not punish one until a proof is presented to them. If a mushrik is geographically or intellectually isolated from a valid representation of Islam, he will not be judged in the same way as a mushrik in a different circumstance.

A companion asked the Messenger of Allah (s), "Inform me, will Allah punish a person without a proof?"

The Messenger replied, "God forbid."

 The companion asked, "So are the children of the polytheists in Paradise or in the Fire?"

The Messenger said, "Allah has more of a right over them.

When Allah gathers the creatures on the Day of Resurrection to cast judgment, He will begin with the children of the polytheists.

He will say to them, 'My male and female servants, who is your Lord, what is your religion, and what are your deeds?'

So they will say, 'O Allah, You are our Lord, You created us, and we created nothing. You caused us to die, and we caused nothing to die. You did not give us a speaking tongue, nor a discerning ear, nor a book that we could read, nor a messenger that we could follow. We do not have knowledge, for You have not taught us.'

So He will say to them, 'My male and female servants, if I were to command you to do something, would you do it?'

So they will say, 'We hear and obey You, O our Lord.'

So Allah will bring a fire called al-Falaq, which is the most severe punishment in Hell, and burns dark black with chains and shackles. Then Allah will order it to blow into the faces of the creatures. The severity of its blow will sever the heavens, obliterate the stars, freeze the seas, shake the mountains, grieve the sight [of the creation], cause the pregnant to miscarry, and cause the children to grey due to its horror on the Day of Resurrection.

Then, Allah will order the children of the polytheists to throw themselves into that Fire. So those whom Allah knows would be good will throw themselves into it, and it will be cool and peaceful for them, just as it was for Abraham [a]. And those whom Allah knows would be wretched will not throw themselves into the fire, so Allah will order the fire to overtake them for abandoning His order, and they will follow their forefathers into Hell."

في كتاب التوحيد باسناده إلى عبد الله بن سلام مولى رسول الله صلى عليه وآله قال: سألت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله فقلت: اخبرني أيعذب الله عز وجل خلقا بلا حجة؟فقال: معاذ الله، قلت: فأولاد المشركين في الجنة أم في النار؟فقال: الله تبارك و تعالى أولى بهم، انه إذا كان يوم القيامة وجمع الله عز وجل الخلائق لفصل القضاء يأتي بأولاد المشركين فيقول لهم عبيدي وإمائي من ربكم وما دينكم وما أعمالكم؟قال: فيقولون: اللهم ربنا أنت خلقتنا ولم نخلق شيئا، وأنت أمتنا ولم نمت شيئا، ولم تجعل لنا ألسنة ننطق بها ولا اسماعا نسمع ولا كتابا نقرؤه ولا رسولا فنتبعه، و لا علم لنا الا ما علمتنا، قال: فيقول لهم عز وجل: عبيدي وإمائي ان أمرتكم بأمر أتفعلونه؟فيقولون: السمع والطاعة لك يا ربنا، قال: فيأمر الله عز وجل نارا يقال لها الفلق أشد شئ في جهنم عذابا فتخرج من مكانها سوداء مظلمة بالسلاسل والأغلال، فيأمرها الله عز وجل ان تنفخ في وجوه الخلائق نفخة فتنفخ، فمن شدة نفختها تنقطع السماء وتنطمس النجوم وتجمد البحار وتزول الجبال وتظلم الابصار وتضع الحوامل حملها، وتشيب الولدان من هولها يوم القيامة ثم يأمر الله تبارك وتعالى أطفال المشركين أن يلقوا أنفسهم في تلك النار، فمن سبق له في علم الله عزوجل أن يكون سعيدا ألقى نفسه فيها فكانت عليه بردا وسلاما كما كانت على إبراهيم عليه السلام، ومن سبق له في علم الله عزوجل أن يكون شقيا امتنع فلم يلق نفسه في النار، فيأمر الله تبارك و تعالى النار فتلقطه لتركه أمر الله وامتناعه من الدخول فيها فيكون تبعا لآبائه في جهنم

Thanks bro mashallah this is what I was looking for, I thought it only applied to non-polytheists


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