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Yup, this thread is good for those who want to see if they can make their salah better or if they could make it a bit more spicy. The thread works this way: You write how your salah is, what things you do, and the mustahabat. After that you say RMS? [RATE MY SALAH]. People can then rate your salah and look if you can add wajibat, mustahabat etc. 

I made the thread, so I will start.

I do iqama before salah (not adhan). I start with auzebillah min shaytan and then bismillah, and after the hamd, I recite some different short surahs (mostly tawheed). After ruku' i say sami'ullah liman hamdeh. In my tashahud I begin with"bismillah wa billah wa khayrul asma' lillah". After salah I read 10 ayats (if I have time), I read 7 "rabi zidnee ilma), and read an Aya from Quran three times. I also do sajdatul shukr. 


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During Salah, keep the mind emptied, and the heart reaches to Prophet and Ahlulbayt to witness the Greatness of Allah swt.  The experience of Greatness of Allah swt keeps updating in every Salah.

It is difficult for human to rate the Salah.  Keep trying to be sincere to Him swt until we die.

Read what ever duas given by Ahlulbayt (as) based on our availabiliy of time, occasion and place.

That miliseconds of witnessing the Greatness of Allah swt in Salah can last forever and can change our behavior and world view forever.  

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