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Guess my number and I will give you....

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Let's go!

I got a number in my head. The number is from 1-200.

...you guess it and I will give you a present - and believe me, It will be a very good present (I am truthful). 


Let's go let's go! 

Friday the 28th is the deadline, it is jumuah, so what a day to end the competition! 


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9 minutes ago, Ali-F said:

Swear I didn't know that thread! Wallah. 

It was years ago. No worries my brudda.

Btw the answer is 28. You mention the number in your original post, which means it had to be “in your mind” when you typed it, and it’s between 1-200. Whatever other number you were thinking is inconsequential.

I take my rewards in the currency of folded laundry.

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