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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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There's a lot of different kinds of people in this world. But I want to speak about only two kinds.

The first kind of person is the one who despite your disagreements and differences with them, you both still work things out. You both will still get a long and be friends. These are the type of people who know matter what they say, you can trust, and they reciprocate. Why? Because you know they're good people. You know that no matter what happens, you two will always remain loyal to each other. Even if you two have a problem, or someone says something that the other may not like, you both can work it out and eventually get past it. There is a well respected open line of communication between the two. Maturity plays a big part in it as well. Mature people handle things as mature people should. Without all the fuss. Without letting their emotions overtake them, no matter what (within reason of course).  Being a real, loyal, and mature friend is about knowing you both have differences, but being able to work things out despite those differences. Both parties care about how the other feels. Neither is selfish.

Because what a selfish person (the second type of person I'd like to talk about) would do, is they only think about themselves. The cut out communication. They don't let the other speak. They think about themselves only. Immaturity is one of the main driving factors of all of this. Because a mature person wouldn't cut out communication. They wouldn't abruptly leave or cut you out over such petty things. And even if the reason was a big deal to them, then the least they can do, is let the other person speak and explain themselves, or at least apologize. Because when you cut someone out like that, especially when you trusted them and gave them your all, it shows immaturity in oneself. It shows an egotistical attitude. It shows their true colors. What is even more astounding to me, is when this 'second type of person', establishes themselves from a position of trust. They say they're going to be there for you no matter what. They listen to you and your problems. They even go out of their way to be there for you, when you don't ask for it. Yet when such a petty and easily fixable situation arises, they cut you out all of a sudden, without giving you the chance to even reply. All they did, was put on a show for you. They get your hopes up, they play with your emotions, and they leave.

I mean, don't get me wrong, they can be and act however they will. But they should at least have the decency, maturity and selflessness that they claim to have, to at least let the other person reply back to what you said, and let them explain themselves and even apologize. I'm astonished at how immature people like this are, when they have so much wisdom themselves. Because you see, its really disappointing to see such a talented and gifted person that has so much wisdom, degrade themselves to such a level where they immaturely and abruptly cut you out of their life without giving you the chance to explain yourself. Especially when in all honesty, the situation is so petty. 

Now don't get me wrong, its their life and they can do what they will. They are their own person and make their own decisions. But like I said, at least have the decency and maturity to let someone respond to what you had to say. I don't think its right to just cut someone out of your life just because you didn't like something they said, or if it made you uncomfortable. Especially if it wasn't meant to be like that. Especially if there were no harmful intentions. Especially if it was not directed at the other party themselves. Especially when you needed them the most. Whatever the problem is, I guarantee its an easy fix. 

I think its a selfish thing to do. Especially if that person meant a lot to the other party. Did people like this forget how they can make someone feel? Did people like this forget they have the power to bring out the best in other people? Yet all of a sudden they let their really high status go to waste in the other person's eyes, over the pettiest situation? It isn't worth it at all. 

If they're mad. I understand. If they just don't want to talk to you again, then I understand. Like I said, people make their own decisions.

But at least have a heart. Like if your mad, I get it. If you don't want to talk to them anymore, then by all means. But when someone is trying to reach out and apologize, or at least explain themselves... then the other person should be willing to at least hear them out. They don't even need to reply. Just hear them out at least. 

The way I see it, is this. Its simply immaturity that drives this kind of behavior. These types of people need to grow up a little and experience life. They like the rush and feelings they get, for being the one who is in control. They like being chased. Especially when the other party is trying to reach out, it must be quite the feeling to know that you have an influence on the other person's emotions. These kinds of people like being chased. They like the feeling it brings. It boosts their ego. They have their head up so high, they think they run the place. Like relax. You've already diminished your entire status by doing this. These kinds of people need to check themselves first before they get humbled. Don't walk around this earth so proudly. Don't be arrogant and selfish. Because these people's actions show their true colors. They need to understand that their actions are that of a selfish nature. An ignorant and prideful nature. Because by establishing yourself from a position of trust, gaining people's trust, telling them all these nice little things... and eventually cutting them out for situations so petty, without letting them apologize or explain themselves, and even blocking out the entire line of communication from that person... goes to show their true colors. I'm disgusted at how one can even do that to someone.

Especially when they tell them all these things of 'I'm gonna be there for you no matter what'. 'You NEVER have to do things alone'. 'Talk to me WHENEVER you need'. And all these hopes and promises and blah blah blah. Yet you just disconnect yourself from them abruptly, right after they confided in you? Right after they trusted you? Right after they believed every single word you said? This is how you repay them? You don't even let them explain themselves and say sorry? Sad. Just sad. Disappointing. Selfish. Prideful.

Like relax. Live life a little. You need to breath some fresh air here. One day these people will realize how immature and young in the head they once were. Because eventually they will learn to grow up.

These people don't get to walk on this earth without getting a piece of the other person's mind and how they feel. They don't get to have it their way, although they'd like to think they do. Its not like that. So if you're like this, then contemplate and ponder about the things you've done. Think about how much personal information you received from the other party who trusted you and confided in you, because of the position you established yourself in, and when they needed someone the most. You don't get to establish yourself in such a position, and just walk away for no reason. It isn't right for you to establish yourself in such a high position, gain people's trust, and just walk away over things that are petty. 

If you hold a high position, then immaturity has no place in it with you. Its not right for you to gain people's trust, and spit right back in their face like it was some sort of game to you. Especially when the situation was laughable and petty. If you can't handle being in a high position like that, then take a step down. Gather yourself up first, and come back when you're ready. You can't be in a position where people look up to you, yet you walk away over the pettiest things. Grow up a little. Don't be selfish. These temporary feelings you get of having influence on another person's emotions and the little high school 'chase' games won't last. The impression you left on others is the only thing that will. 

So take care of your image. Don't ruin it over petty little things. Never take advantage of people in vulnerable positions. And never make promises you can't keep

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