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What are YOU doing to make the world a better place?

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So, I was reading some comments on facebook and some posts on twitter, many critics of GHW Bush, who said they didn't like him but we have to acknowledge that they are a reflection of who we are as Americans and as people. Indeed you do find that Americans overconsume a great deal empowering the state capitalist system that drives war, profits, oligarchy, influence of corporations, and are actually not difficult to manipulate. Today many view the Iraq war almost universally as bad, but at the time most Americans supported it. So to recognise the flaws of our politicians, we have to first recognise our own flaws as people and work to make ourselves better people that care about issues enough to do enough research to not only vote in the right people to power, but also to make the right choices about how we spend our money, where we spend it, how we choose our friends, how we treat the poor, etc.

I thought this was a very important comment. We often blame politicians, but often politicians just reflect their society and if so, what are we doing as people to make the world a better place? I often struggle with this myself, my political awareness is limited to me reading a lot of news articles, commenting on shiachat, and maybe sometimes, the occasional facebook update. But it feels really inadequate because it doesn't reach anyone that doesn't know how messed up the system we live in is. So often I ask myself what am I doing all this research for? Isn't it better to remain ignorant and apathetic? You feel less depressed about the world that way, because even if I know, I feel limited in what I can do. I avoid discussing politics with workmates for obvious reasons and that's basically everyone I interact with. Moreover, most people I've met I am sorry to say have been unimpressive to say the least, just very herd like follow the group type of thing, in some ways narcissistic and I think it is a common problem in the younger generation with the rise of facebook and all these other media platforms where people basically paste their lives for other people to look at them and admire them. So why do YOU if you follow global politics stay informed? Is there anything you're doing about it, or do you not do much that is different either? I suppose you could add going to protests and stuff, but they are only effective if there are sustained, larger movements, which we don't see today like we saw during the civil rights or vietnam era. So how else can you stay active and try to engage? 

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True my brother May Allah Swt bless you thing is that we are to busy with unneseciary things that we dont care what his happening with our societies and the whole world we are living like slave of the zionism system and wants evil power rule over us when will we wake up only Iran is resisting with evil powers Yemen and Hezbollah is also resisting and Syria did also the same but they destroy that country who resist against their evil plan resistance is only option to take palestine back from zionist regime palestine is getting attacked by zionism regime but almost every country is silent why is that they think playing games and following fake celebereties is more important may Allah Swt wake us up and hope we can bring change 

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