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Trump pulls troops from Syria

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They are saying as their efforts were exhausted by the continuous corrective measures taken by Syria Iran and Russia.

They are leaving as they have both the resistance from local people as well as government. But we should think about their next plans as Israel us focusing in tunnels at Lebnon border.

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On 12/21/2018 at 6:38 AM, notme said:


There is really nothing left for America to do, short of occupying the country for decades like Iraq or Afghanistan.

If anything, the defeat isn't in Syria, but rather it's in places like Afghanistan where we are awakening to the reality that our presence isn't making anything any better.

If it's costing us billions of dollars per year, and the taliban are only getting stronger, well then we may as well leave.

We've left behind the days of conventional warfare. Even with hundreds of attacks on ISIS and the dismantling of their control, they haven't actually gone anywhere. Just as decades of attacks on the taliban hasn't resulted in the Afghan governments success either.

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