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Exaggerated rewards for certain religious acts?

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Assalamu alaykum,

I've noticed a lot of sheikhs make those ''read this x times and you'll gain the same hassanat as x prophet'', ''do this and this and you'll be in the same level in paradise as the ahlulbayt (as)''

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Now my question is: what's the point of having for example a ''place'' in paradise reserved for only the best creation, when one can gain access by a relatively simple act? I feel as though your spiritually and connection to Allah and ahlulbayt is a great factor in how meaningful any act or dua is, but these promised rewards completely ignore such factor and make promises that to me seem extremely exaggerated.


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I may be wrong, this is my own understanding. It's hard to explain this, but hope you understand my point. 

It's because whatever is sent down to this world is a limited version of that which is in heaven. Every good action we do in this world for the sake of Allah belongs to a higher realm and has its rewards. When we go to barzakh we will see the effect of every good deed we did in this world. There are various rewards and punishments for every action which we won't understand rn.

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A smile to parents is worth 100 non-wajib Hajj. For most zikr, it’s the niya and the affect on the soul counts. If it’s just the movement of the tongue, then it’s just it is. 

Focusing on zikr, their meaning and their essence would surely be higher than lots of other amaal. 

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