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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Crisis of Identity

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Interesting article. I can certainly identify with your experience deeply with my own difficult life experiences of being born and growing up in Europe as a son of new generation Pakistani parents in the 70's and 80's. Well obviously Nietzsche lived in the traditional 19th century period in Europe. No doubt his vision echoed what was to come in modern times, specifically popular culture brought on by technological advancement leading to mass production and endless choices for consumers of culture. Today the mass media is the weapon of destruction in this contemporary society, it opened the 21st century with 9/11. Tbeir journalists and leaders wanted to paint the world with permanent markers. Their ink has not dried yet but tbey continue to paint. Their echoes has left its marks on our hearts and minds. Many movements spanned out in the modern period. For the Marxists the Bourgeois meant giving equal share of capital to the people. They may have meant well but their revolution also produced negative underlying effects we see today in popular culture . From the many movements tbat spanned in tbe modern era Neo-Dada is responsible for the audio, visual and literature aspects of popular culture we see today in the mass media. However there is a lesson to be learned because Neo-Dada was triggered because of societies rejection of the aesthetic beauty in nature and art. In some parts of the world or even sects such as Sunnism this is a reflection e.g. Not allowing people to draw or practice astronomy. This tells us that aesthetics is nourishment and food for human Soul. It is something we can reflect upon and learn from today and create a better society for our children and their future generations. I can certainly share your experience of Pakistan. My memories of visiting pakistan are similar to yours with seeing patan gangs of men in the 1980's and 1990's enforcing their power onto the weak people and their families. It might make you wonder where are the real Pakistanis. Is that the pakistan that was created for the descendents of the generation of Zia Hu Lak. It sounds like institutions such as Zaytuna college and Yakeen institute are doing inspiring work but don't forget of the real cities of islamic knowledge such as Qum we shoukd also be championing. I think we all go through these mental and psychological stages throughout our life. We experience pain, rejection, identity crisis and question our society and faith. I think it is Allah's ways of testing our faith. We must keep strong as brothers and sisters in faith and humanity. I sometimes feel sorry for the children in the madrassas in Pakistan that recite without knowledge, it is not their fault, especially when the western media labels them and puts them on the front pages of the world stage. May Allah bless all these children. I went through this journey of struggle of identity crisis and questioning everything too. It was especially difficult being born in Europe and growing up there then moving to the UK and visiting Pakistan last time in 1991. It was all very culture clash for me. I looked up to Western figures as role models because nobody helped my thirst for Islamic knowledge. Eventually I learned to cope by shutting the world out. I rejected the western ways and threw out the Western figures after realising that they are not perfect. I found my peace and my faith remained intact. Allahu Akbar. 

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As salaamun aleikum,

Amazing read, mashallah..i can relate too, in many ways as im a convert and it wasnt until later in life, i was 34 years old, that my mind started opening to the falsehood that was and still is rampant in society...with it becoming more and more apparent, i became more able to see the "light" and truth in islam and when i began to study it, i was ready to accept it.. not saying that acceptance didnt come with ALOT of questioning, because it DID.

The islamic mindset and lifestyle is counter to most all of what goes on in society today, so there was a lot of thinking and rethinking i needed to do based on the faulty foundation i had been raised to believe in, everything from politics, justice,  morality, to man/woman gender differences and whats appropriate and approved of by Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى for each, etc..

i REALLY needed to find the rational as well as spirituall reasons for what i was committing my life AND afterlife to. I must say, i sometimes struggle to convey an understanding to non muslims about things we understand and live according to, but to them, is seen as "weird" or doesnt make sense, like how we can appreciate and even pet dogs and we agree specific breeds have their place in human lives, however, we cant have hair,saliva, etc on us because it is a spirituall impurity and causes us to have to change clothes , and depending on who you follow and to what extent islam is practiced, some say the saliva must be washed off with mud...yea, non muslims dont get this, and theres no way without explaining hadith, quran, and basic hygiene as well as irfan to some degree that theyre going to get it cuz each of those sujects takes 70 years of hawzah each,lol..Anyway, the best we can really say is it is a spiritual impurity for us, but this isnt sufficient to many of them cuz tbey want to know WHY, and i get that. 

I definetly agree that EVERYONE, born muslim or not, needs to be educated in what we are doing and why, not just for ourselves, but so we can be ready to educate someone else. A person  who guides someone to islam has achieved a great deal, in sha Allah, but if a person doesnt even know themselves, how can the blind lead the blind?

May Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى guide us all  and make us the Muslims He wants us to be, in sha Allah.



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