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Muta discussion with the Brothers... Sisters are welcome too

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This thread is de-evolving quickly. OP, I think your original question was answered. I think this is a good place to end it. 

I will just add one more thing. 

I have advised brothers not to post certain things on this forum, like the 'mutah with prostitutes' fatwa. Obviously noone is listening. The reason why, is because there are many here (I would even say most) who don't understand why these fatwas exist. 

Again, a marjaa' will not say something is haram UNLESS there is very, crystal clear evidence from Quran and Authentic Hadith that it is absolutely Haram. Everything is halal unless it can be proven 'beyond a shadow of a doubt' that it is haram. Imam Khamenei(ha) does not find anything in the Quran or authentic hadith proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is haram to do mutah with a prostitute. Just to be technically correct here, Sayyid Khameni doesn't have a fatwa regarding this, since this is not in his Resalat. It is an answer to a question he was asked. 

THAT DOESN"T MEAN HE IS SAYING IT IS GOOD, WISE, HEALTHY, etc to do this. He doesn't do it and he doesn't recommend it. That should tell you something. No wise person who cared about their Deen would ever do this, IMHO. For most people, there are more than enough options (halal) besides this. For those who don't have these options, May Allah(s.w.a) reward them for their patience. 

BTW, it is not Haram to eat 10 pounds of nachos in one sitting. Does that mean we should do it ? Absoultely not. 

I hope this is clear. 

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