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Music destroys the Central Nervous System.

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Salam brothers and sisters.

I never really understood why music can be haram but I recently found out the hard way. Please read till bottom.

I really felt need to share how i found out that music, at least loud music effects your Central Nervous System. It's made up of Brain and Spinal cord in your neck. The way I figured it out is as I woke up one morning around a month ago, I bend my neck forward and felt a tingling like sensation through out my Thighs and Torso area.

I didn't care at first but every time I sat and bent my neck forward I felt same thing and I started to take it seriously. I did some online search and it led me to believe I might have Multiple Sclerosis but doctors don't know yet what causes it

Multiple sclerosis occurs when optic nerves in your brain and spinal cord get damaged and send slow or confused signals to your body. You can read about it more yourself. It's a very deadly disease as it can put you on a wheelchair if worsens. 

I started to wonder what might have caused it. As I was lost in my thoughts I rememberd reading on imamalireza.net that music effects nervous system. I read that like 9 years ago and didnt take it seriously. 

I recently had started to go to a Bar/hookah type place and they played very loud music sometimes and I would be there for atleast 2 hours. So I became absolutely sure that my illness was caused by loud music and why it's haram in Islam. My belief in Islam has really gotten strong.

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Also avoid Wi-Fi as much as you can. In the very least, turn it off when you are going to sleep. Keep mobile phone away from your body. Avoid bluetooth earsets, wireless keyboards and mice. All this emits radiation and although they say its within acceptable limits (more on that later) for each device but when all these devices are working then its not as acceptable anymore. Or when they are in close proximity. Or when the exposure time is longer than they assessed.

Have you ever bought a new mobile phone and opened the box to see a hands free, wired earphone set in it, free of cost? A little known piece of its history is that several governments made that rule as their scientists advised people especially children and young people to not bring the set in contact with the head. One of these govts was India. Another was Finland.

Now a little bit on "acceptable limits". As an instance we take the body armor provided to soldiers. The US standard dictates that the acceptable limit of the armor's level IIIA plate deforming to stop a bullet is 15" depth. Which means the bullet is allowed to travel 15" into the chest along with the armor plates. This is why even armored soldiers when shot can feel a lot of trauma, have broken ribs, and are not able to breath properly. Meanwhile, EU has its own standard which allows only 8". Obviously they care a lot more and there's is a proper standard. Keep in mind, that these "acceptable limits" and standards are set with a lot of consideration to money. We live in a world run by capitalism and that's why money is more important than human lives. Especially of the common people.

So I suggest those who are still reading to make it a habit and avoid these exposures as much as you can. Use wired instead of wireless. Turn it off when not in use especially before going to sleep. WiFi, mobiles, all wireless things. You will notice healthy changes in you within a week. Headaches, tiredness, nausea and other symptoms of radiation exposure will lessen or will be gone. Just try it.

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As salaamun aleikum,

My thoughts on music and why I believe it is impermissible for ME, and i dont need a marja to tell me this, is due to my 42 years of experience and being alive.

I converted to Islam when I was 33 years old, and up to that point I was extremely tied the music, to the point where the music I listened to determined the people that I hung out with, which led me down a very dangerous and destructive road. Later on after i had converted to islam only a short while, I pulled away from those people, yet still listened to music. Soon  I realized that even though the music wasnt harming me through immoral lyrics, it wasnt benefiting me either, so i realized that my time was better spent listening to the Quran, or Islamic speeches when for example, while i am driving or at other times, like while cleaning house, doing yard work, etc. I can stream a lecture ANYWHERE and at any time, quite literally. Theres no excuse on my part to not fill my time with dhikr of one sort or another.

I have trained myself by Allahsسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى will to have no desire towards music at all now ,ALHMADULILAH, however when I am in a store and a certain song comes on the radio by the artist(s) that I used to listen to, especially in my youth, they end up getting stuck in my head for days and days on end, taking me away from my conscious contact with Allah:/ Having a song stuck in my head is totally ANNOYING, and it usually is no more than just a couple stupid lines of it that repeat over and over, further adding to the annoyance--.-- Its never the full song,but alhamdulilah for that!

The other problem with it is, these famous singers that I was so enamored and obsessed with, still to this day, they come to me in my dreams at night--.-- One of these people in particular is extremelly ingrained in my subconscious as i became their BIGGEST "fan" when i was 15 and it eventually culmminated with my being able to hang out and spend around a months worth of time w them in my mid 20s at a yearly golf tournament. I'm sure this personal time and interaction with them had only made things worse when it comes to my subconscious and my psyche. Instead of me having dreams of Imam Ali(AS) or any of the other Aimmeh of our religion, I have dreams of these people:/

They say that seeing Imam Ali's(AS) face is ibadah, and that isn't just for the people that saw Imam Ali's face in person while he was alive, because a lot of them were disbelievers. This applies to us in the current day as well, but how?? It happens in our dreams.. Seeing imamAlis(AS) face in a dream is ibadah too! Can you imagine that? Doing ibadah in your sleep because you dream of Imam Ali(AS)? Even in your sleep! How merciful is Allah! But NOOO...instead i see THESE people --.--

Ya Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى how I wish I had had the Ahle bayt in my life when I was a child and a young teenager growing up, how I may be different, but I am just grateful that I am who I am now and that I am a Muslim and follower of the Ahle bayt. 

 I am coming from a world of experience with music and the negative spiritual as well as psychological and physical effects it can bring into a person's life, so it deeply disturbs me when I see fellow brothers and sisters taking their children to rock and pop concerts and somehow justifying it. They don't understand that the world of music is a door to a world of potentially very bad effects, may Allah protect the innocent children who do not know any better, and who rely upon their parents to protect them and guide them correctly through understanding Islam and instilling good critical thinking skills in them.. Because these brothers and sisters haven't had the bad effect or experiences that I have had, they take what I share with them very lightly.

The marja in a few cases do not agree about what is Haram and what isn't regarding music because there is a mixture and a variation of it. The arguement of whether it is haram or not can easily be resolved for an individual by them doing some serious "getting real" with themselves and to be able to admit what they are doing is honestly a waste of time and takes them farther away from Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى If they don't analyze and reflect upon what they are doing and what they are fillling their minds and time with, then they are being negligent of their responsibility to their own soul and the religion. A person needs to SERIOUSLY look at this and not justify based on nafs reasons. Do I believe there are some forms of music that are potentially harmless? Yes I do, but seriously, they're still waste of time if they aren't bringing you closer to Allah.

The  short time that we have in this world should be spent on bettering ourselves and getting closer to Allah. That is the purpose why we are here. We are not here to listen to music or go to concerts and waste the precious life Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has gifted us with.

Sorry if I sound like I'm a hardliner on this but I'm coming from a place of experience and the stuff I have been through in life has value if used in the right manner, and if I can share that experience with someone who is open-minded enough for them to benefit from it, in sha Allah and alhamdulilah.

I also understand that my message will be rejected by a lot of people, especially the youth, and those who are more in line with having a fun and easy going,Jolly type of life, whereas I take things a little bit more seriously. It may be the fact that I'm 42 years old, and if I happen to live by God's grace another 42 years, then i am already halfway through my life and dont have a whole lot to show for it..Based on this, I don't have any time to waste on unnecessary and unislamic things, and this includes music..

Youth in many cases have a hard time grasping this because they are still in the beginning of their lives and have their whole lives ahead of them, so many times they don't take things like what I'm saying seriously, but as they get older they will realize it and it will be self-evident to them, if they in sha Allah remain on the path of Islam. Its just that usually, the 2 things cant go hand in hand cuz music leads one way, and Islam leads to another. The more person is divided by things in their life, the less attention they have to give to any one thing in particular, Islam being the most important.

Seriously, through reasonable and rational analyzing of the subject, one should realize their time is better spent otherwise. We don't need for this to come in the Quran or for a scholar to tell us this. If it is leading us away from Allah, then we have to get real and understand that that's not the right direction for us to go in. No matter how much are nafs wants it. We're supposed to get our nafs under control here, not let it lead us like a horse is led by its master. Just the fact that music in general is not Allah-hi should be all the evidence a person needs to try and wean themselves off of it, but to each their own.

Thanks for reading my overly looong post. 

@the op, may Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى relieve your symptoms and keep you well, in sha Allah.

I was recently hospitalized due to facial paralysis which turned out to be a temporary condition called Bell's palsy, but they did an MRI to rule out MS as well as other possible causes and Alhamdulilah everything is fine. You may try and get an MRI done to rule out the MS as well. 


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Wisdom is required as usual. 


Music is good (and in the right hands, a blessing from Allah) Write it!, play it!, listen to it!, just try not to damage your ears with loud, high frequencies.


Also, yes - the radio is garbage - flee from it. Not even on a moral level, but musically it's garbage, no craftwork goes into that stuff - it's all consumerist factory work. 


I'm a musician and composer, I write everything from jazz and classical, to folk to metal and ambient. For many, it's a necessary part of life (like how most people sing when they recite the Quran). 




Throughout the day, I highly prefer silence over background music. 

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6 hours ago, HakimPtsid said:

For many, it's a necessary part of life

This has only become an artefact of the past several decades. In the 19th century, (and all earlier periods) you were lucky if you caught a passing minstrel. 

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1 hour ago, Haji 2003 said:

This has only become an artefact of the past several decades. In the 19th century, (and all earlier periods) you were lucky if you caught a passing minstrel. 

Well, there are several angles I could take on that but globalization and recording/listening technology has had an immensely strong impact on music taking a wider stage and reaching more people over the past century - not to forget that between it, cinema and television - it was the first piece of the entertainment industry. (well, the more mainstream types of music that is)

Before then, you had to either find local musicians or learn an instrument yourself - then even earlier than that you had to build an instrument. 


Still, as I mentioned the Quran - Acapella (solo voice) is the oldest form of music, west and east. Western Classical music started with multiple voices singing long passages in unison, then it moved to multiple voices singing different parts (and so on) before integrating new (at the the time) instruments. 

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