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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Make Shiachat Shiachat again

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We have given leeway for members to air their grievances in a polite and reasonable manner, but this is definitely not permission to condemn individual moderators or discuss specific details of a moderator action (beyond generalities). According to rule #9, discussions on moderator actions are to be discussed privately by PM.



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I want to suggest an improvement that the mods can implement: Do not hide whole threads because the OP asked for it to happen. It used to happen a lot and I noticed that it reduced at a certain point when an admin decided that it was happening too much.

I am suggesting this right now because there is a thread that I would like to be made public again. There was a very long thread (hundreds of posts) debating homosexuality that was hidden because the OP requested it. A mod/admin hid the thread.

Can we please have it back because it contains the work of numerous individuals who put in much effort in making their arguments. I think it's one of the longest threads in SC history. There are certain posts in that thread that I want to read. You can edit the post of the OP or you can split the thread to remove the OP, but let's not hide the work of individuals who don't even know that the thread has been hidden.


The above brings me to mention what I think would be the most important improvement that the SC admin team could make: A constitution that includes a decision making process. When there are contentious decisions being made then there needs to be a process to determine the course of action to take. A single mod/admin should not have the right to make a decision that others oppose. You should have some sort of voting process.

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This is my first post here in a while for reasons mentioned by valuable members above. 

The most important improvement and focus to make Shiachat better than ever is to focus the rules on priority of manners and personal behavior. Admins and Mods should focus on accepting all opinions, and rather target bad manners of speech, such as hurtful personal insults. I would rather discuss with a respectful (composed) Satanic than a hateful Shia who spews poisonous personal insults against me. (because - for instance in my case - I think all humans are fallible, the earth is flat, and we should only supplicate to God alone). 

As long as people talk to each other in a respectful way, "all walks of life" will live in harmony, even if they have different beliefs. Protect people with minority opinions against direct and indirect insults and intimidation. You and I can talk about opinions concerning any topic between the heavens and earth, but don't switch this to suddenly talking about judging my person level of understanding, faith, intentions, or other insults. That is called zulm in Arabic, and having an opinion in itself is not zulm. But standing by watching while people are being attacked personally is. 

That's my opinion for a post zuhur world and Shiachat. Live and let live.

Thank you

All the best 

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